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Kristy has always been a big fan of Browning. While shooting the show, the former American Idol contestant was in between record deals and trying to make it in the country music business. It was meant as a critique on American Idol producers, and in no way was meant to disparage Kristy Lee Cook. Kristy and a massive red stag. Then, like a typical girl, I met a guy and he took me out hunting.

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Country music is about being country and being a country person. The show focuses on her goal to be a hit musician and her passion for the outdoors. On the show Kristy hunts with other country musicians and also takes her sister out hunting for the first time.

When the top brass at Browning found out about it they swooped in and now they sponsor her show. Kristy has killed some great trophies along the way, but she's also run into her fair share of hardships. So it just makes sense that people who live in the country like country music and they like hunting.

The year-old singer claims Selma, Oregon as her home, although recent months have been spent attending to business matters in Nashville and performing live in various venues in the Dallas-Ft. It's really intense when you get out there and you're stalking around.

It was meant asKristy and a massive redWhile shooting the show