Trini dating sites

Trini dating sites

Okay, here's another request to you all. The Contracts of the Uzumakis -here's another Naruto story I am working on. It's an on-going slow process that I am doing at my leisure.

My new Naruto story from my Naruto Story Ideas story. So Jason comes back, but so does Trini since the Gold and Silver Ranger powers have to be transferred at the same time and Jason and Trini work well together. Not giving out too much since it's still in its early stages of writing though I can tell you this takes place right after Naruto has the kyuubi sealed in him. Starts just after the Yule Ball is announced.

Sakura will be annoying but

Think Harry Potter in Naruto's world. The Fullmetal Fox of Konoha - okay, kind of same set up, but different. There has to be a reason for it and just because the character is not your favorite though we're only human and I have my biases too. This takes place after the fourth book. Power Rangers Zeo- Okay, not sure if this idea has ever been thought of or not so I decided to take a chance.

Velma gets the virtual mystery simulator and she along with the virtual mystery gang takes on mysteries again. Sakura will be annoying, but possible get better. Jiraiya and Tsunade are found and help raise Naruto. Now the Uchiha massacre still happens. Rating doesn't matter to me really since I'll pretty much and read almost anything really.

Working on stories with just only Padma or Daphne with Harry and have Hermione as just Harry's best friend role. Pairings are up in the air as of this moment. Back Again - I am working on a new Naruto story that I came up with. Exotic Ravens - okay this Potter idea starts in fourth year about the time of the Yule Ball. Harry gets help for the tournament and then some.

Just trying to finish up the first chap and get it ready to post. Too many of those out there already and I don't care for those pairings anyway. It's up to the real Scooby gang to pull Velma from her virtual world.

Jiraiya and Tsunade are found andVelma gets the virtual mysteryNow the Uchiha massacre stillRating doesn't matter to me