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These locomotives are set up to be easily relettered by using a tga with alpha channel for all lettering. We will notify you when this product becomes available. Old Timer American Locomotive. However, many copies were built later on. Shane Perriman - Engineer and Fireman models, smoke effects code, testing.

Deal of the Week

For any Trainz Classics release, the engine probably doesn't work. You can rely on Trainz to provide you with the most amazing variety of both vintage and new steam, diesel, and electric locomotives on the planet! Due to an untraceable bug in Trainz, sometimes at the end of the first part of the animation cycle some or all of the engineer figure may disappear, christmas decoupage sheets to and show again when the reverse cycle starts. The Big Boy's return to the rails is the product of more than two years of meticulous restoration work by the Union Pacific Steam Team. Shortline Steam Cab A typical cab found on Baldwin's shortline steam power of the s and s.

Front coupler is now animated. Todd Hohlenkamp - original driveline mesh and animation concepts. Dirk Mewes - Mesh sharing and headlight assembly.

This is a fictional chop-nose rebuild. Terry is an aviation and steam engine enthusiast. The engineer and fireman are based on meshes made by elvenor.

The Heisler by Dirk Mewes. Both are equipped with random bric-a-brack on the pilots, a water pump for taking on water from streams, bubblegum, and bailing wire. Reskin by Matthew Blackburn. One painting was by Wilbur Kurtz, a leading authority on the General and Texas at the time of the painting. Peter-Pardoe Matthews - mesh modifications and animation assistance.

We have the steam and diesel locomotives to provide the motive power for all your train sets. Because of the piston valves, this is not based on any specific locomotive, but is a composite of several similar locomotives. Change the Name, Company, Origin, and Description tags to taste.

Then add a new kuid line above it and fill in your own kuid. Gary Hoorn - Engine sounds. California State Railroad Museum.

After modifying your config, you can edit the texture. Though they probably wouldn't have been built as oil burners, they were converted to burn bunker C oil later. Continue shopping Go to cart Go to wishlist.

Brass HO Scale Steam Locomotives Trainz

Roger Crouch - mesh modifications and poly reduction. Geared logging locomotive.

TrainzProRoutes Team - Testing and feedback. The Texas by Terry Bryson. The engineer animation is toggled by the Pantograph button. Uses a heavy girder steel frame and cast steel bogey frames. Mike Sutton - Texture samples and testing.

You can change the rail co. The original engine used wood as fuel. This model represents builder's serial number operated on the West Side Lumber Co.

There are two versions, one with a high headlight and one with a centered headlight. Textures have been tweaked and are more realistic.

Animated Engineer by Shane Permann Cowboy. Change the line kuid to alias. It is based loosely on a light, center boiler model produced during the early Shay constructions by Lima Locomotive Works. And what better to do it than to dedicate a page to the fire-breathing, smoke belching monsters that form part of every countries train heritage.

My models depict the wood burning version. Common files required for all Climax locos. The Experience the Union Pacific Rail Car is a brand new, multi-media walk-through exhibition that provides a glimpse at the past while telling the story of modern-day railroading.

This one is undecorated and its got a lot of bitz you can swap around. Bringing the Big Boy Back to Life.

The texture mapping and mesh will be changed in the future. Now that all the files are copied, open config.

The model and texture was provided by Ben Neal bdaneal and was edited by me. Check out our model Locomotives! This is a beta model and updates may follow sometime later depending on any issues found.

Brass HO Scale Steam Locomotives Trainz

The assistance of the following team has been greatly appreciated in the production of this model. If you wish to use a knuckle coupler on the tender, modify the config. This one is in the original CofG road switcher scheme. It was built in the Lima shops in originally for the Swayne Lumber Co.

They were generally intended as passenger power, though I know of at least one logging railroad that used one on log trains. Requires just the files below. Tender texture has been tweaked to look better. Updates will be avail a ble as I make them.

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