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Kim gets wind of a joke made at her expense and the ladies are shocked by her next move. However, the cast mate was made aware of the situation and it will likely be a storyline. This is sure to bring some new drama on the show! Cynthia enlists NeNe's help in getting all the girls together for a trip to Barcelona and Porsha attempts to squash all of the beef in the group.

Porsha gets an opportunity for her career. Kenya has a tough time taking constructive criticism.

About Marlene Bryan is todd dating carmen Despite his jock-like disposition, hyeri girl day dating site he is known to be is todd dating carmen talented and knowledgeable surgeon. Kandi balances life and business. Things heats up between Marlo and Kandi when shade is thrown.

Things reach a boiling point as Kandi and Kim sit down for the first time in years. Kandi worries that dropping NeNe from the Xscape Tour will cost them their friendship. Kandi tries to repair Riley's relationship with her father. At Cynthia's fiftieth birthday party, things heat up when Nene comes face to face with a former friend.

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For someone with only one friend on the cast and one in production, she sure has a whole string of good friends that she only sees long enough to acquire some good shoes. When confronted, the guilty party will once again deny the relationship as being nothing more than good friends.

He started at the original Sacred Heart the same time as Turkwith whom he became good friends. Meanwhile, Porsha embarks on her first blind date. NeNe is suddenly left home alone to fend for herself, while Kenya struggles connecting to her husband.

He is also a member of the Brain Trust. It's all fun and games until things go off the rails during a heated debate. Cynthia taps into her masculine side. Porsha struggles with letting people back into her life.

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The focus of this blind is more lacking than most in that regard. The ladies rally around Kenya and surprise her with a wedding celebration. Porsha blows off some steam with Rickey Smiley. While Kenya copes with separation anxiety from her husband, Cynthia is forced to face the reality of where things stand with Will. Porsha wreaks havoc on the streets of Barcelona, and Cynthia gets over her man problem.

NeNe gathers the ladies to address all of the elephants in the room. Kim and NeNe come face-to-face for the first time since Roachgate.

And Todd hasn't changed one iota since. Dr Duke will ensure Happy Days comes back to clean white is todd dating carmen. Todd is known for his non-creative sexual innuendos and high-fives. The Todd is portrayed by Robert Maschio and appears in episodes of Scrubs over all nine seasonsmore than any other supporting character.

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