Swat Kats Episodes In Tamil

These creatures wreak havoc across the city, attacking Mayor Manx, Callie Briggs and anyone else it comes into contact with. Purvis is uncaring, and only wants to sell the mutagen to the highest bidder and become rich.

Swat kats episodes in tamil

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Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Viper deals with The Pastmaster and Hard Drive to set the bomb. To make matters even worse, Razor uses a phone booth to call Felina, then Razor needs to buy two things before the hospital.

The Pastmaster sends the Swat Kats to a dystopian future where The Metallikats and a robot army have taken over. Mechanics by day, riddle the masked Swat Kats duo are a crack force defending Megakat City from criminal masterminds and monsters.

Felina Feral to investigate, Ann Gora is grabbed by a giant claw and pulled deeper underground. They are discovered by two of Hackle's robots. They modify their tow truck to try and defeat Mutilor. After escaping, they see a news story on Dr.

Swat kats episodes in tamil

Edit Storyline Mechanics by day, the masked Swat Kats duo are a crack force defending Megakat City from criminal masterminds and monsters. Professor Hackle reactivates the Metallikats in hopes of reprogramming out all of their criminal tendencies. Some of this section's listed sources may not be reliable. After assimilating several Enforcer tanks and Mac, the device goes on a rampage through Megakat City, assimilating everything in sight. Meanwhile, Felina rescues Callie once for sure.

Swat kats episodes in tamil

Viper floods Megakat City with a slimy orange ooze created from Katalyst X, an experimental formula that mutates any living thing it touches into grotesque, menacing versions of themselves. Despite the hopes of Professor Hackle, the Metallikats decide to continue their villainous exploits and use their new robot bodies to their advantage.

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Ann Gora explains that two love couples are in together. Turmoil explains that T-Bone is one of the greatest pilots she has ever seen and does not want such skill to go to waste. The machine explodes and crystals fuse to the left half of Shard's body.

List of SWAT Kats The Radical Squadron episodes

In an old graveyard outside Megakat City, grave robbers are digging around for valuable artifacts when they find a large chest. The Quest family and their bodyguard investigate strange phenomena and battle villains around the world. It is up to Razor and T-Bone to outwit rather than outgun their opponent and retrieve the gold. Felina Feral's plane is shot down, but not before taking out a few of Mutilor's enemy squadron fighters.

Swat Kats The Radical Squadron

She is the captain of an enormous airship containing the most advanced and powerful technology on the planet. Purvis is mutated by the formula and becomes Dr.

Dark Kat has done some serious modifications on his spider craft, turning it into a walking, energy-consuming behemoth so he can level Megakat City. Dark Kat agrees and decides to gain another ally in the Metallikats. They becoming fathers, big brothers, or uncles. That night, the spirit of the Red Lynx voiced by Mark Hamill is resurrected and takes control of his plane, flying it out of the museum. Commander Feral tries to sneak aboard Dark Kat's ship to defeat Dark Kat and retrieve the stolen parts, but is quickly subdued.

But Razor fights the creeplings alone, Razor remembers Callie but mentioned. Viper douses himself in Katalyst X and turns into a huge Godzilla -like monster and rampages through the city. Learn more More Like This. While digging for Agracite, a fictitious metal used for construction, five miners disappear within the mine caverns.

Swat kats episodes in tamil

The attacker reveals herself as Turmoil, a vicious she-kat dressed in Nazi -like attire. Upon investigating it, a large cicada with cat-like features emerges and bites Dr. However, one of them accidentally reveals they are working for Dark Kat and Razor realizes the entire incident was staged.

Swat kats episodes in tamil

Zyme discovers that the mutagen is ineffective and mutates its host into an evil monstrosity. At that moment, T-Bone using an age-changing gun to turn Callie and Felina back to normal. Teaming up with Molly and Dr.

Sinian and a few others have discovered the ancient ruins of Katchu Picchu and are in the process of excavating the site. Paradigm and protect the Earth. Use mdy dates from June Articles lacking reliable references from July All articles lacking reliable references. Inside they find the Pastmaster, an ancient evil wizard who was imprisoned within the chest years ago.

Mayor Manx sings a song while two couples are in love together forever. Razor thinks it is a neat invention, but T-Bone dislikes it while complains.