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One can trace but slight tokens in his work of the direct influence of any of the masters named. Sowerby's water colours at the same rooms were pleasant in their semi-pre-Raphaelite method. It may be remarked that, in the official label, the bird is identified as a lK. Meanwhile an oftirial commission for two deco- rative panels, destined, for the new.

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Lhermitte learnt to paint by plunging into the midst of difificulties, in the same way as some boys, knowing no fear, learn to swim by throwing themselves into the water. Winchester Donald in Trinity Chun h. Some good specimens of graphic art by F.

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Cook and Alexander Wedderburn. Campbell Noble, Robert Noci, Arturo. Yox genuine charm, un- stinted praise must be given to Mr. Atadou and La Caihcdra'e U Rouen.

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Although it has no subject in the ordinary sense and no purpose either didactic or sentimental, Mr. After the magnificence of the Cathedrale tf Assise, his picture of last year, he has returned to his beloved Brittany. Bartlett's broad and effective coa. Two Illus xciv Hohenberger, F Hokusai. One Illus Ixxix Alexander, A.

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The latest pieces are characterised, not only by less vigorous and more meticulous handling, but also by a uniformly heavy purplish-red tinge in the lustre. Hobson says his object has been to give in compact and inexpensive form all the facts which the collector really needs, and in this he has been successful.

This is particularly noticeable in the large sweeping cunes and flourishes with which the ornament of Hispano- Moresque ware abounds. At the close of a fair autumn day, their work done, a family of labourers gather beneath a rick preparatory to wending their way back to the farm.

The minute net-pattern to be seen surrounding the central shield in No. Thus it hap ens that his etchings are essentially the same, whether he works in Venice, or in Brussels, or in London.

It is a beautiful symbol of a very noble conception, treated with much power, and a subject admirably appropriate for mural decoration. Disciple of Puvis de Chavannes, he seeks above all for harmony and beautiful effects of colour in mural painting. Seven Illus xci Metzner, Franz.

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One Illus loi, Bejot, Eugene. Octave Mauve Mavrogordato, A.

The dish, then, may be assumed to have reached this country not later than the sixteenth century. It sings in praise of toil in the open air, labour in the fields, and of the love of hxI's earth. Aman-Jean pleased me much. Carruthers- Gould, Atistefs Cove, by Mr.

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William Unger, took a prominent part, formed themselves into the Society of Hungarian Graphic Artists, and the society has quickly justified its existence. After analyzing his art with a view to finding what foreign ingredients are present in it there will always be a residuum, and this is himself.

This great artist has already executed three panels for the ceiling of the Petit Palais. So it is always at the Salons, and there alone, that one sees side by side products of the most diverse talents and has an opportunity of appreciating as a whole the trend of contemporary painting. Ixv Stohr, Ernst Stokes, Adrian. Hochard, who so faithfully portrays all the diverse and numerous aspects of modern life, has shown us with what striking success he is able to cope with other subjects.

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International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography. Kdgar Bundy's City Fathers, yeh dil maange more video songs Mr.

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Leslie Thomson's Over the Sea to Skye, were specially prominent, and with them must un- questionably be reckoned Mr. Jesus appears suddenly to a family of peasants who are about to partake of their humble meal of soup and remain spellbound with devout emotion before the un- expected guest who honours their table.