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You win money and respect for winning these series while the street challenge races let your opponent and you puts up a wad of cash that can be all yours if you can beat him or all his if you lose. Will definately have more in depth info on the various Crew Meet courses as well as Street Challenge ones. The checkpoints are located through various corner streets and hard-to-reach lanes, news elite dating but they are all in the same area.

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This is a lot like the previous checkpoint runs that we have performed before. Neferteri's Challenge Despite having an obscure name, this challenge is far from it. Attempt to bump your foes into the traffic at stop lights near every corner, and if that doesn't work, give them a friendly shove on the straight-aways. Move forward and hit the first, then carry on to the one on the right. This one is pretty tough to pull off since you'll need to keep the car under control and manage to not plow into a wall.

Get prepared for the worst and best out your best moves at the very start of the race. There's a timely shortcut up ahead, so you don't have to worry about that nasty hard right turn. Special edition type cars, though they don't have any performance gains over a similar vehicle, are more expensive simply because they are special edition. After the longest time, the course will hit another rough turn, so be alert.

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This is where it gets tacky in a hurry. Braking at the proper moments can save your tail in this one. Soon after, the curvy track will hit another hard turn, so hit your brakes and drift away as you turn right. It repeats the same pattern every time.

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The course starts as a straight-away that slowly curves towards the right, only to hook left moments later. Now that you know the general direction of things, the rest will appear in this circle. It's very short so it shouldn't be much of an issue.

The drifts are the key to success here, so here's to hoping you have them down correctly. Basically you let the computer take over the car and you can rotate the camera around and see how sexy the car is in motion. With the first Lightspeed event down, we know what we are dealing with. The Crew Meets offer you a chance to participate in series races.

If you find that there is an easier spot to pull them off than the immediate area, turn around and try it there until you have enough. You will have to follow the car through a tunnel, and the entire challenge only contains one rough turn and a few hard curves at top speed. The finish line is up ahead, around the corner.

Overall, the car graphics are about average. Get off to a great early start by boosting your tail off, and securing the lead by cutting off any drivers on the first couple of curves. There is a timely shortcut before the abrupt uber sharp turn that you can spot on your map.

Also, pick up the Greddy front mount while you're in the turbo section. Begin by rolling forward and heading towards the right along this stretch of road. This isn't too hard, especially if you're chugging along with around hp. There's a couple of jerky turns as you come to the end of the straight-away, however, the course swings back around before the checkpoint and carries back where you started. This can be tricky, as the vehicle is very fast and hard to catch up to after a while.

The strip now rolls as a softly curving straight-away, so be careful when going at your highest speed. The ones that have graced many of the import tuner mags you see on the magazine racks. After this, you can swing around on the Two Wheels on a nearby curb and hopefully, have enough time to gain enough speed and trick off of another curb. Check your map in the lower left hand corner of the screen to spot where the next location will be at.

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Obviously, you will want to gain them quickly, so try rolling down the road and pulling off some two wheels on the curbsides as fast as you can. Freeway Over The Freeway Over track is ideal for a car with a high top speed and relatively good handling. Namco - For creating this game, job well done! Hit your boosters and go flying on this bump.

Just go straight as far as you can and hang a right to turn onto the highway and up to the checkpoint. To get her back, keep playing the Street Challenges and she'll be with one of your opponents eventually. Head right at the street to drive into the parking garage. The longer you keep it up there the bigger your bonus gets. It works pretty well in areas where there is an S-turn since you'll have a bigger area to slide around in.

Another set of opposing hard turns is coming up, so be sure to cut the corners as much as possible without ramming into the walls. And we ain't talking about baking cookies! In this guide you'll find car lists, secrets, tips, and much more. Go to the Desert or Storm Drain sanctioned races, there is no entrance fee and you can pick up some decent money for completing them. Frequently Asked Questions - Free nitrous and more!

The entire race is practically in one big circle, as you make a right curving turn to begin with and work your way around. All I know is that it's distracting. If you don't know what car to buy, refer to the Getting Started part in the Vehicles section of this guide. After the turn, you can boost slightly before turning onto the slant, where you should boost away. You will want to boost like a maniac, and cut him off every time he gets near to passing you.

Turn around and hunt through the streets to find the checkpoints, which you can blatantly see on your map display. Follow this road to collect a couple of checkpoints, and head left at the street. You gain or lose points based on the things you do when racing, read below for more details on that. Introduction Street Racing Syndicate is Namco's latest game based around the import culture. Though not a true to life portrayal of what it's really like, it's a very fun and entertaining game and a nice break from the straight racing sims.

Just pick whichever parts will get you to where you want the car to be, what you can handle, or whatever else. The entire track consists of spiked turns that are some of the hardest to make in the entire game, especially up to this point.

The challenge will go through a parking garage, and take a few quick turns. You can do this over and over until you get it or drive somewhere else and give it a try. Another big left turn although not very tough to make is ahead, and immediately after that is a rough left. With that series out of your way, you will now want to boost up your vehicle's statistics by pimping your ride. Just try to keep your speed as you reach the half boxed areas and you should survive.

The slant straightens out into a left turn, hard-way. Drive back onto the road, and turn right down the street on the map that shows where the checkpoints are lined up. From here on out you can pretty much figure the rest on your own. Tina's Challenge With a supped up vehicle in hand, you can drive over to Tina's and speak with her about a fast time trial that is a mere lap. Come here if you want to switch your vehicle or girlfriend you want to roll around with and also to watch videos of your girlfriends.

Refer to the above vehicle list for pricing, etc. Rent if you must, but look for something better.

Lie off of the acceleration at this point, and jam it back down upon landing. Electronics - Grab the Venom Performance Module, very cheap and it gets you a bunch of power.

Follow the winding road again to pick up another checkpoint. For the fan of these cars, it's great to choose from them, but since there are no differences in how they perform, it's moot and a waste of space. You can lose a girl if you are riding with her and lose a crew meet series. Finally, you must round the half boxed shape obstacle with some drifting, as this is one of the keys to winning.

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