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Damiano, Pedro born in Odemira, Portugal. Plays chess with his court.

His will mentions pawns of chessIntroduces the word gambit

Chess problem attributed to him. Those of us who answer the majority of questions in this forum are older adults. Nicknamed Il Puttino The Boy. Earliest Umayyad calph associated with chess.

French prince and chessplyer. Author of the most famous of chess moralities. Bernard forbids the knights templars from chess.

Extra square at each corner. Best example of romantic allegory. Chess poet and Bishop of Alba. Gianutto della Mantia, Horatio born in Italy. Civil code called Hundred Chapters.

Chess problem attributed to

Thought Xerxes invented chess. Lewis chessmen dated here.

His will mentions pawns of chess. Ceron, Alfonso born in Granada. Introduces the word gambit.

Wrote several Hebrew works on chess. They don't know any better because they are just starting to explore the vast body of music. Compiled for Alfonso X, Castile King.

Ceron Alfonso born in Granada

Moorish invaders bring chess to Iberia. We have more years of listening experience and a wider knowledge of orchestral music, opera, art songs and chamber music than the average teenagers. Author of Italian chess book.