Konnie Huq beats Christine Bleakley to X Factor gig

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Yet as career setbacks go, the episode hasn't dimmed Bleakley's mega-watted power one bit. In her personal life, Christine has shown similar drive, with each paramour more high-powered than the last. For now, and even with Grainne Seoige snapping on her heels, Bleakley is still very much the girl with the Midas touch. However she did not complete her degree course, and instead moved into television work full-time.

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She has since changed her number. We spent a long time sitting on sofas together and now we keep in touch. She and Adrian Chiles hosted the show for three years.

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Cohen said she understood the judge's position and admitted she too would have struggled to choose between two of the acts she had mentored. Amid her sunny demeanour, however, there seems to lurk a shrewd woman. But the good thing about Christine is that she's able to take everything in her stride. It's an overnight success story aided and abetted by a bewildering number of variables. He was the man who guided her when she arrived at the Beeb from Belfast, where she was on the Citybeat radio station.

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In she met Christian Stokes, the Dublin-based restaurateur behind the eatery Bang. For this reason she'll be well-equipped to work on a breakfast show, where you need to be really sharp as anything can happen overnight. Frank loves coming down to the show. Last month, as she holidayed in Sardinia with Lampard, Christine was afforded the sort of paparazzi attention that not even Jennifer Aniston receives these days. As a teenager, she talked local radio station Citybeat into giving her an entry-level job.

Within five minutes of Kielty's mistake, Bleakley was bombarded with calls and text messages. Bleakley did not complete her degree course, however, instead moving into television work full-time. The extra exposure didn't harm Bleakley's profile. Christine's career trajectory is a curious one.

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