S4 screen smearing xdating

S4 screen smearing xdating

The irregular color distortion will appear on the screen while scrolling with the dark background and the white text.

You can observe this problem by setting the low brightness and putting the black wallpaper. You can test the screen yourself, the most easily by going in settings and scrolling up and down. For now this is the temporary solution that has been discovered, and hopefully Samsung releases a patch to fix this problem. First of all, let me explain what the smearing issue is, and then you can test it yourself.

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The contrast level up to is fine, it depends solely on the balance between your eyes and smearing. This method will adjust the rgb values of the screen. The smearing can be noticed while scrolling up and down on a black background. This problem turns more fatal, when scrolling over the dark background. Do not forget to enable it again after the completion of the installation.

If you have grey items on the screen, the grey turns purple while you scroll. You will not observe this smear in the videos or the toolbox because of its colored background. The issue is that this happens every time you have grey or similar items on a dark background. You get purple smearing while scrolling on a dark background and the effect is even more easily noticeable when the brightness is set to low. This article comprises of some useful tips that will help you to resolve this issue.

You can observe this problem

With so many issues already, Samsung should start making statements, or users will not feel so comfortable buying the device until the problems are fixed. Although, it is the temporary solution, the Samsung is working on the patch to fix this issue. The effect can be best seen on black background with brightness set to low.

Enable screen adjuster again when you are done. The model like the i, i and the i suffer from this problem. Here's quick solution how can you fix the problem.

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