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When Jones runs into the inevitable confrontation with guards, fast and furious firefights ensue. When enemies fail to react to footsteps, noises, gunfire or other sounds, gameplay suffers immensely.

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Weapons interact visually with the environment too, and they will shatter glass and leave bullet holes in walls for the duration of a mission. As such, he'll need to do a lot of creeping through the shadows, sneaking around security cameras, hacking computers to deactivate surveillance systems, and using binoculars to scout the area. They run the gamut from a combat knife for silent kills to antitank weapon for the occasional armored fighting vehicle.

Project I.G.I. I m Going In

This exposes the major flaw of no save options within each mission, which, in turn, causes you to repeatedly start again from the beginning. Jones then has to clear the border and find his equipment.

When you fire at wood or other light materials, shards and splinters fly. During missions, you'll have access to a large arsenal of weapons, some of which you're equipped with at the start of the missions, and many of which you pick up from dead guards. Since Jones will typically be infiltrating military installations, he'll run into swarms of guards, many of whom stand waiting in towers with their sniper rifles. Jones health can be restored only by grabbing Medical Syringes from an infirmary, if there even is one in the area.

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The sound compares favorably with the graphics - it is sometimes even better. Ekk escapes on her first encounter with Jones, but Jones is finally able to track her down, and kills her after infiltrating her second hideout. The missions feature a finely paced balance between tense stealth and dramatic combat. Death awaits at every corner. Since much of the game is about stealth and careful observation, you'll get to use some clever gadgets in addition to your weapons.

Voiceovers are competent but bland, and Russian or Estonian guards will shout at you in English instead of their native tongues. Graphics offer nothing innovative or special, though the outdoor environments will grab your attention. It was followed up in by I. If the odds get stacked too high against him, he can call in a napalm strike via his Map Computer. You begin by infiltrating a military airfield in Estonia to save a secret contact who gives you information on the nuke.

The readjustment from a first- to third-person perspective as you approach objects can also be disorienting until you get used to the quick changeover. Indoor maps and graphics are very repetitive and boring, and the sheer size of the areas results in plenty of mindless wandering.

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The graphics overall are very good. Oddly, the bodies of dead guards simply vanish after a few seconds. If you kill one, the others just press on, ignorant of the fact death is near. Also, the game sometimes cheats by making guards appear out of thin air or from buildings that you've already cleared. You'll see blood spatter on walls during close-quarters firefights, and sometimes even pieces of cranium fly when you snipe someone in the head.

The environmental sounds are superb - gates grind, motors hum, security cameras beep, and elevators chime as they reach a new floor. Footsteps alter according to the surface on which you're walking and whether or not you're running or padding softly. Nothing changes and any secrets will be discovered during the first play.

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When you stand next to an object you can use, you'll see an icon light up at the bottom of the screen. Even if Jones is wearing body armor, a few shots can still put a painful end to the hero's career. Large levels lead to repetition and bland gameplay.

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You do need to precisely line yourself up with an object to manipulate it in the first place, which can result in your death if you need to make a quick escape. Intermittent thunder will boom during a rainstorm, and depending on what type of roof you're under, the rain alters from muffled tapping on wood to loud drumming on a sheet metal overhang. Some of the effects are less gruesome but still memorable, such as the occasional static on your map computer as you watch the live satellite imagery and the dynamic displays on your binoculars. Textures are highly detailed, varied ambient lighting depicts different times of day and atmospheric conditions vividly, and weapon models and skins are convincing. Each weapon has a convincing and vivid set of sounds, and explosions are suitably loud.

The enemy's Artificial Intelligence will react to his every action and use military tactics to track his position. Automatic weapons have a noticeable kick that hinders your aim, and bullets will penetrate walls and doors of varying material and thickness depending on the caliber or muzzle velocity of the gun. Jones discovers Jach's location by planting a virus in Jach's communications center. The real challenge is to avoid being gunned down by what must be the world's greatest marksmen ever seen in a first-person shooter.

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People who downloaded Project I. Promising a blend of stealth, covert surveillance, and high-powered firefights at secret military bases, the game fails to fulfill its potential with mediocre execution. The musical score, while hardly outstanding, is nevertheless well crafted, and its tense mood complements the action of the game well. It is one of the first computer games to feature realistic weaponry and tactical combat situations. Footsteps echo on the floor, weapons have distinctive sounds, cars sound real and ambient base sounds are accurate, amr diab el lilady mp3 as when elevators make that odd pinging sound when reaching a floor.

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While David Jones is a skilled agent, he's just one man - not a one-man army. The developers apparently focused on weapon realism to the exclusion of the story and action. He then hijacks the train carrying Priboi and takes him in for interrogation. Your huge arsenal of weapons is impressive, supplemented by those you can pick up from downed enemies, including hefty firepower like antitank weapons, grenades and various other automatic rifles. Jones has to sneak into the toughest military installations in Eastern Europe, and once inside, use his skills in thievery, computer hacking, sabotage, and reconnaissance to stop the madwoman.

It's as if you're wearing lights and a red target, and you'll die often, even on the easy level. You also have a Map computer that lists your mission objectives and visually keys them with numbers to a live satellite video reconnaissance feed. Usually, you're dropped into a zone by chopper where you'll find a healthy supply of guards waiting for you, often materializing out of nowhere to take their shots. This first-person shooter emphasizes stealth and guile instead of massive firepower. Snipe at someone and miss, they'll fail to sound an alarm and keep walking.