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Like last year, Circus Mascot presented a small Christmas show in a number of Plantorama garden centers - both in Jutland and in Zealand and Funen. Goodbye to circus elephants.

In this year's Arli show, Sergei presented his handstand act solo, but in Kolding there is a joint act with Mrs. He seems to mingle with his audience.

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Then there was a reunion with last year's Mombasa Boys. Something like this is not possible in the arenas and theatres where Baldoni present their Christmas performance. Circusland is owned by the Berdino family and situated in Circus Arenas winter quarter. Balance, power, grace and beauty in a total concentration.

Kim has also contributed to the staging the show and you could recognize his elegant fingerprints. Kim offered after the show to sell the predictions of the coming week's lotto numbers! Jelena Vasiljeva and Sergej Polupans. Jelena Vasiljeva presented a traditional tissue act, where both the tissue and the costume were kept in red and white colors.

And so it is in Circus Arli with Sarah Florees in a fishing net. Christmas in the Old Beach City. It is not every day for everyone to be able to hang in his heels up high up under the circus dome. Checking the safety of your download now. Of course, there will be a lot of humor.

The Christmas market is tastefully decorated with thousands of lights. Cirque Berserk in Esbjerg.

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The last act of the show were Frodo's famous act with buckets. They run on motorcycles wildly! All four were Indian elephants.

The lines are, however, almost the same as those used by Daniel. The Clown Gulio has for many years been the house clown in Circus Mascot.

Presto mr. photo 1.5 free download

Mr Photo 1. 5 Setup Free Download

Line was for many years partner in Steckel's well-known knockabout table act. But that's funny, especially when it finally finds the goal.

Mr Photo Setup Free Download - careerpigi

From this year's performance in the Norwegian Circus Arnardo, Diana Boiachin has been picked up, presenting poetic play with soap bubbles. Andersen figures out of paper.

Mr Photo 1. 5 Setup Free Download

Presto mr. photo free download

Cirkus Landino present the Spanish musical clowns Quiros. The cage was covered and thrown into the air.

To the left drum set and keyboard. Unfortunately, this also meant fewer visitors in Circus Krone. The old gentleman was not a real circus visitor. Thank you for an unforgettable day I will never forget!

With bug fixes so that it does not crash. One of the circus world's best acts with cats. Circus Arena in Kolding Storcenter. Her partner as Nis used to be Daniel Dimitrijevic, better known as the clown Danilo.

There was full house at the Danish premiere at the show. By courtesy of Circus Mascot. From Arena's own performance, the Greenlanders will probably meet the juggler Juan Pablo Martinez, one of the three nominated artists for the award for the best circus act of the year.

Click here to see more of Rud Kofoed's photos from the show. It empowers you to view, process, edit, organize, catalog, publish, best songs for gym workout and archive your photo collections with precision and control. The circus queen Agnete Louise Enoch will see the show on Sunday in Esbjerg and has promised to write a review.

The girls have such a surplus of breathtakingly energetic that at least this reviewer totally lost the breath. Adventure Circus at Christmas time in Sundsvall Sweden.

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Then there was a reunion with Kim Kenneth's girlfriend Jessica Caveagna. As circus this year all over the world celebrates its th anniversary we have managed to get a special exhibition abot circus for years in Circusland during the autumn holiday. This show is geared to the smaller fry - and to their parents! The first act in the performance was a honk horn concert with the one-man orchestra Henning Amstrup. The flyer lands with his hands on the hands of feet of an antipodist foot juggler.