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Both regularly took cognitive tests to measure mental capacity and saliva tests to measure stress. After measuring the powder, the Build Team calculated that it would take at least flares worth of gunpowder to equal two and a half sticks of dynamite, instead of the ten shown in the movie. This is because there was no resistance from air to dampen the motion.

While they demonstrated that the plane's engine had enough power to move the plane, it was not enough to achieve flight and the plane plummeted straight to the ground. Kari demonstrated that even without engine power, an ultralight plane can stay in the air long enough for the pilot to safely land. Anthony further demonstrated the power of the punch by using it to break only the last of three wooden boards, a feat that Jamie was unable to match. In order to replicate the results seen in the film, powerdirector video editing software for windows 7 Jamie had to use a hydraulic cutter to sever the cable.

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Tory saw four sharks on the first go, Grant saw two, and Kari only saw a turtle. However, Adam exhibited all four common symptoms of cabin fever irritability, forgetfulness, restlessness, and excessive sleeping and Jamie exhibited one excessive sleeping. With all parts of the myth possible, the Build Team declared the myth plausible. Goats can be startled into fainting. To maximize objectivity, the MythBusters decided to look at a number of sample photos and rate them while sober and again while drunk.

See the article Shaken, not stirred for details. The difference between the two hats was that one had a dull steel edge while the other had a sharp steel edge. How to check your Mac's free hard drive space.

They found an arrow could travel that far if enough powder is used. This will greatly consume your disk space. To test what would happen if a hole could be made, the Build Team built an acrylic coffin outfitted with a trapdoor and a sliding panel to let dirt in. Were some of the photos from the moon landing fake?

They then adjusted the topography of the model surface to include a slight hill around the location of the near rocks so the shadows fell on a slope instead of a flat surface. Can a person blow a man-sized hole in a wall with one gram of sodium reacting with water?

Sponsored by Digiarty Software. An ultralight plane can make a safe landing while gliding. However, neither jaw was able to cut through the one inch cable they used with normal human bite strength.

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Alkali metals dropped into a bathtub filled with water will create a huge explosion. Despite the fact that most of the myths tested in this episode were confirmed, the MythBusters warned that not all viral videos are what they appear. Based on these results, the myth was declared busted. The illusion was partially achieved by having a crewmember walk backwards in the background so he would appear to walk normally in the final video.

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Can you bounce a laser off the moon? They put Bruce in the water, and Tory and Adam in its mouth. As a finale, they demonstrated the danger of holding up a golf club during a thunderstorm.

Adam and Jamie created two versions of the teeth shown in the movies. They posted their version of the hoax Rubik's Cube viral videos online that showed Adam solving a Rubik's Cube with his feet while Jamie solved one blindfolded. Can you please send me the cracked files in my email absolumgr yahoo. The violent reactions were so intense that they cracked the bathtub but far from enough to disintegrate it as a hand grenade could do, and the myth was declared busted.

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It builds audio cutter and audio joiner in one software. By supporting millisecond time-precision, the cutter can fulfill much more professional needs. Since Anthony was unable to catch the arrow in full combat conditions, the MythBusters considered the myth busted. They then attempted the full-scale test with a moving bike. Despite initial doubts, Kari managed to successfully climb down the hair rope.

However, despite that issue, the Build Team declared the myth plausible. This made the bike unstable, and was slower than a dead start.

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The Build Team first tested to see how long a ninja could last underwater before succumbing to hypothermia. Can an explosion in a gopher hole cause a golf ball near the edge of the hole to fall in?

After punches the robot had created a crack in the lid, but had not punched a hole in it. They next tested a concrete statue on the premise that it would be a good match for the hardness of natural stone, even though it was weaker than solid marble. The software provides a slider bar to visually position a cut points where you want to cut. They discovered that while their faces and hands were indeed much colder, their core body temperatures were actually higher than when they were outside the freezer. The muscle failed to stop the bullet.

However they needed an unrealistically large pen to completely destroy the top half of the foam dummy they used. Third-party evidence for Apollo Moon landings. Does brandy, such as carried by Saint Bernards, really prevent hypothermia?

Could a torture technique consisting of growing a bamboo through a victim's body have worked? There was, however, a slight reaction when the blood was released. If the passenger was drunk, the communications broke down, preventing the blind driver from getting clear, precise, and timely instructions. The Macworld editorial team does not participate in the writing or editing of BrandPosts. How to check your Mac's free hard drive space Wondering if your Mac has enough storage space for that massive download?

What household objects are bulletproof? Several explanations on why this is so were also given. Adam and Jamie put black eye paint under their eyes and took an eye exam, then repeated with lighter, peach colored eye paint.