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The journey to the picnic destination is always fun. The game evokes laughter and smiles and gets people competitive in fun environment.

100 Greatest Bollywood Picnic Songs

Picnic (1966) Songs Lyrics

Another one from the short list! Will send again when i recollect some more picnic songs. Rakhee is requested to sing. It is always a great reason to insert a song, usually a fun one but sometimes a heart-achingly romantic one too. The element of fun and frolic at a picnic gets even merrier when Bollywood songs become the flavor.

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You have listed nearly all of my fav picnic songs like sama hai suhana, kal ki na karo baat, yeh shaam mastani and tumse accha kaun hai. She bears a marked resemblance to Reena Roy! Such a lovely bittersweet song, because we viewers know that a whole lot of Trauma-Drama-O-Rama is right around the corner!

Golden Era of Bollywood PICNIC Songs of Bollywood

The sound of laugher is a prominent part at picnics. This song from Ghar Sansar is good proof of it. They are great in that film. Maybe his fa-in-law, J Om Prakash, had something to do with his success.

Picnic (1966) Songs Lyrics

In jungle mein mangal song Jayshree. We sang songs, and ran around, and ate.

In any case, it is gray and chilly. People love to sing and scream out the lyrics of their favorite Bollywood songs during Antakshari sessions. They are singing abouit their lovely picnic and dancing. And play lots of games card games, housie and stuff.

Will send again when i recollect some more picnic songs Reply. Punjabi songs have a rhythmic flavor that make you get up and dance. The picnic tradition in Hindi movies is so much fun.

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The ocean water is always warm enough to get wet. But Lodhi Gardens, certainly.

Anywhere backwaters or not. And picnics without Shammi are another bore. What a collection of picnic songs! We have to forgive him because he did beget Hritik. And Chand Usmani looks so beautiful as she multitasks with her friends on the lake, singing and paddling at the same time and not unsurprisingly ending up in the water, as I most likely would too.

Wish I could have been there to hear that! But I do know that moonlit picnics must be conducive to romance, and I would be happy to watch Jalal play and sing and pretend it was all for me while Rakesh chased someone else. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Bollywood picnic songs are lyrically and musically very colorful and vibrant. The naughty vibe is ever present at picnics and this vibe gets bigger when certain naughty Bollywood songs are played or sung for a girl or guy during a picnic.

Everybody looks forward to a picnic because picnics are a great way to unwind and get away from the daily monotony of life. Many of those picnics were not well organized affairs, adding to the thrill and allowing us to improvise whenever we were short of something. This article brings to life an epic list of the best Bollywood picnic songs. The energy and vibe at a picnic is taken to a different level when Bollywood songs take center stage. It was definitely on my short list too!

100 Greatest Bollywood Picnic Songs

This sort of a picnic happened only in films. Sanjeev Kumar looks so mischievous as he chases her around the park.

Picnic (1966) Songs Lyrics

It was sort of permissive, a lot of girls and boys out of doors with just a chaperone or two. While travelling to the picnic destination, families and friends love to play Bollywood music loudly. The clean and sandy beaches to run around bare feet. So did Frankie and Annette!

There were two boatmen a distance away doing things to their boats. You made my day by posting that particular screencap. It was very painful for me when the Rebel Star switched over to character roles. All this in Orissa now called Odisha. You know I love Jangal mein Mangal, everything about it, even the crappy ghost is so cute.

Johnny and Rajendranath both along would have doubtless added greatly to the fun! And what will you be singing on that happy day? What a pair of sheepish boys after that.

Like it and Rate it below. The music and snacking that unfolds during the journey to the picnic is often astounding. He looks so cool and dashing in that red cap.

Will talk more about specific songs got to go now but this post has brought back a lot of memories of my picnic days. Well, labelview 8.5 we are definitely going picnicking when you come here. Not my favourite but it is a picnic title song.

Oh yes, I love the song from Do Badan especially. And yes, the moonlit ones probably had an element of romance too. And, when there are Bollywood songs playing, people love to hum tunes, sing along and dance. If only because of the food. Thank You gor this post and Kati Patang song is so endearing and so romantic.

Previous Greatest Hollywood Survival Movies. The girls are having fun teasing Mala Sinha, and Dev Anand and his friends are making fun of her! In India families and friends love to go for picnics in large groups. Ranikhet, Nainital Lake and areas around. Love the idea of a picnic.