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Some failure modes, though, will be very costly, or very time consuming. You can set up a matrix to determine which failures should be addressed at this time.

If you did not understand the full implications of the agreement, or the associated fine print, then you still have recourse to the law. You must either put a stop to it, or at least control it.

This can start a series of events, where the customer ultimately becomes satisfied, or the product is returned. There is some inherent risk with doing this, but it is a good guideline.

But we will initially look for a common failure mode, to determine if it can be fixed easily. We can correctly assume that this is not a good business model, because it results in no income, or negative income. Suppliers also generally have more resources to defend themselves legally when it comes to protecting their own rights. Most efforts that the government takes to protect consumers can be skilfully deconstructed and worked into some complicated legalese that attempts to absolve the company from its obligations. It is not correct for corporates to strong-arm consumers, implicitly or explicitly, into accepting these waivers to their rights.

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There are no quick answers. If the customer opens the box, the product is expected to work, and the transaction is complete.

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The first thing is to go through the return documents, to determine if there is a common reason for the returns. If the product does not pass the acceptance test, it should be routed for disassembly, inspection, a rebuild, and then another acceptance test. After this, it can be put into stock. We are also losing our customer base, because people may assume that your products do not work, and that they should find another vendor.

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If the product passes the acceptance test, you may place the product back into stock. You go home all excited with your new gadget and open the box only to be dismayed that something is faulty with the phone. If you do this, your customer approval will improve, you will increase profits, and spend less time reworking your product. We should be sure to go down to look at the failed units as they appear, so we can familiarize ourselves with the hardware and software.

Out-of-box failure

Next, we categorize the failure modes according to their cost. Other failure modes will involve some cost, dating funny gif files or may be fairly easy to fix.

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Out of the box failure

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With the above process, it is assumed that the product is not defective, and that the acceptance test is correct. But are these really effective?

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Of course, you grit your teeth and argue vehemently, but resistance is futile. If you decide not to do this, you will force the customer to do it. At this point, it is critical to be sure that your product works, because if it does not work, you will incur lots of expense for no reason. This engineer will be provided a complete product, in a box, and will attempt to emulate what the customer will do when they receive the box.

Out of Box Failure - Consumer Protection Act

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Out of box failure – Consumer Protection Act