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The villain exploits the hostility between the brothers to get back at Velan. Velan still lives with his family and does not have a good relationship with his stepfather and Balan whom he bullies at times. Balan's father gets a heart attack due to shock and is hospitalized. He takes Balan and his father to the police station.

Osthi (2011)

The movie was not up to the mark. Veerabhagu, a powerful don, disapproves of his daughter Anjali's relationship with Guru. Daniel is confronted by Velan who openly reveals to him that he adulterated the breweries. They both come to an agreement to keep Daniel in control. Balan reveals to Daniel that he did not kill Velan.

Silambarasan, Megha Akash, Catherine Tresa. Hero is happy guy until he meets a beautiful girl and falls for he. In a happy ending, Velan gets Balan married to Nirmala in the presence of their father.

Thaman Films shot in Mysore Fictional Indian police officers. Dabangg by Abhinav Kashyap. Silambarasan, Nayanthara, Reema Sen.

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Velan tries to convince Neduvaali's father to give his daughter's hand in marriage to him and to stop drinking. Silambarasan, Trisha Krishnan, Vtv Ganesh. When she was five years old, she kills five persons and goes to jail. Learn more More Like This.

The worker goes to the police station along with his mother to file a complaint. The soundtrack of Osthe was scored by S. Velan is then attacked at the railway station by Daniel's men, when he is with Neduvaali and her father, but, he beats up all of them in a fight.

He reveals to Velan that Daniel made him plant the bomb unknowingly. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Velan forgives him and reconciles with his stepfather.

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Osthi Tamil mp3 songs download

Osthe is a Indian Tamil action film directed by S. The promo they gave and they output the movie gave was totally irrelevant! In between, our hero falls for Neduvali Richa Gangopadhyay.

As the film starts, Silambarasan settles down in few minutes as Osthi Velan, a stylish cop, and his travel begins. Osthi Velan becomes his nemesis. Meanwhile, Osthi Velan has a half brother Balan Jithan Ramesh and there is love and hate relationship between them. Velan takes Neduvaali to Balan's exuberant wedding and, honoring his mother's wish that her elder son be married first, gta 4 for psp for marries Neduvaali in an impromptu ceremony. She comes out of prison turning nastier than before.

The film was declared Moderate Hit at the box office. He tries several ways to keep them away from each other.

Pondaati Song Lyrics From Osthi

Osthi Movie Cast & Crew

Balan, in desperate need of money, steals it from Velan's cupboard, but is caught red-handed by his mother. Balan tells him that he is getting married to Nirmala and invites Velan to the marriage. Meanwhile, Boxer Daniel decides to take on Velan. As it happens, Velan's mother dies with a promise from him that he would take care of his brother.

Silambarasan, Bharath Srinivasan, Anushka Shetty. He plays spoilsport on all the plans of Daniel. Velan meets the minister leading Daniel's party Vijayakumar who also dislikes Daniel. After he leaves the house, it explodes, killing the minister and many innocents.

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Velu, an aspiring kabaddi player, goes to Madurai to participate in a regional match, where he rescues Dhanalakshmi from Muthupandi, a powerful man keen on marrying the girl against her wish. Balan, knowing that he would not do it, accepts it and meets Velan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Velan is unperturbed, and dismisses him flatly. He tells his mother that he intends to give the money to Nirmala's father, who in turn will return the money after marriage through dowry.

Osthi Tamil mp3 songs download

He uses his power and influence and goes hammer and tongs to win the polls. Balan, in desperate need of money for his father's treatment agrees to do anything for Daniel, without realizing that it was Daniel who burnt his factory. He disguises himself as unattractive guy to her and she too falls for him, film takes a twist when his ex returns and follows revenge and drama. Velan adulterates the breweries of Daniel due to which many people fall ill and Daniel is blamed.