Niky wardley actress dating

Niky wardley actress dating

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Tate said that she wanted to do a Geordie character and that Georgie was based on a letter she received from a woman in Newcastle about donating money. She acts almost totally oblivious to what she is doing, although she does acknowledge that she employs some Howerd characteristics in her acting. Paul and Sam appear in the Christmas Special where three of Sam's friends from work go around to her house. Life on Mars star Philip Glenister made a guest appearance in this sketch for the Christmas special.

Sheila appeared four times in series two. It was also discovered that Bernie shuns medical terms for intimate bodily parts because she confuses them with the names of another sister and brother, Virginia and Clint.

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During one sketch, she pulls out a wooden spoon puppet dressed like an Italian chef to speak to the diners, who only want to order a pizza. In series three Elaine gives up on finding love on-line. She also thought that an afro was someone's hat and that somebody's girlfriend was their mother. Tate revealed in an interview that these characters are based on people that she knows, but that they are not aware of this despite enjoying the sketch.

She is named as Hayley in the script book. However, she is abysmal at tennis and hits the balls way out of the court into a group of trees. Unfortunately, this irritates Kate even more than usual, and during the course of this series she poured a drink over Ellen's head, trashed her desk and spat in her hair.

Martin then talks about his daughter Michaela which would prompt Georgie to feel concerned about her but then begin to talk abusively about her. Mrs O'Reilly was referred to as Mrs Leary here too. The scenes for this sketch follow the same pattern.