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Search within Editor's Choice. Even though this might be a pretty exaggerated comparison, it helps describe banjos pretty well.

Most bass guitars feature four strings, although five string versions have become increasingly popular. More recently, hi-hats have also become incredibly popular in hip hop as well as electronic music. It is like a small guitar but its tone is much lighter. The other main reason is versatility.

Oboe mechanism detail closeup on white Two girls and boy playing on musical instruments. Cimbalom Electric cymbalum.

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Flutes are actually a family of instruments, with a variety of different versions being available and considered standard. With as many instruments as there are in the world, it can be confusing and difficult to remember each and every one of them. As a matter of fact, rides are inherently some of the largest cymbals on a drum kit.

In modern day music, the tuba is enjoying a decent amount of popularity, used mostly in classical but also some alternative genres of music. Bagpipes Audio Bagpipes are truly one of the most interesting and unusual woodwind instruments out there. In fact, it is only slightly larger than one. Bass guitars were very much affected as well.

List of musical instruments

It is even quite expressive for solo applications. Keyboard instruments are those that make a sound when a musician presses a key. Sarrusophones Alto sarrusophone Baritone sarrusophone Bass sarrusophone Contrabass sarrusophone Sopranino sarrusophone Soprano sarrusophone Tenor sarrusophone. Even though it is not as wide spread as flute, the piccolo is still a very important member of this tight woodwind subcategory.

Interestingly enough, when put next to a trumpet and cornet, the flugelhorn is the deepest pitched of the three and the one that has the most mellow sound. List of percussion instruments. Gong Audio The gong is another one of those ancient instruments that has become a huge part of modern day music. Modern electric guitars can be used with any number of guitar effects, thus exponentially expanding their range of capabilities. And vintage tape recorders Billet of wood for bass guitar.

Banjos are different from guitars in a number of ways. Ever since then, it was recognized as a powerful addition to any brass section or orchestra.


To play the instrument, the user has to blow air into the chassis, usually by using a hose. The shape of musical cowbells has changed and evolved over time, but these days, the most popular type is the square-profile as shown above. Usually, it would be a part of a string quartet or similar ensemble. Some are large while some are small.

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The modern bass drum as we know it today is a core percussion instrument, and the best part about them is just how versatile they are. Best Cymbal Cleaner At their very core, cymbals are nothing more than flat, round pieces of metal which produce a sound when struck. It is similar to a violin in a sense that they both share a familiar shape, but the cello is obviously quite a bit larger. Unlike stringed instruments, wind instruments are dependent on air passing through a set of tubes in order to create sound.

That is partially due to their sound and partially due to their story. However, the context we are looking for today is focusing on electric pianos and electronic keyboards. The air is directed into the instrument with a reed.

List of musical instruments

Each instrument listed in the word bank should be written in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided. Learning proper banjo technique takes the time to master, just like the guitar. Woodwind Instruments Coloring Page.

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List of musical instruments

Hoi An, Vietnam Musical instruments used for the fire ceremony during the puja. Viola Audio The viola is another bowed string instrument which is very similar to a violin. From Wikipedia, unconditionally instrumental the free encyclopedia.

String Musical Instruments - Images of String Musical Instruments

Types of Musical Instruments Page. These days, trombones are extremely popular, and almost anyone can recognize one. They are a part of percussion section where they saturate the composition with their deep, lasting tone.

The sound is produced when the resonator box catches the vibrations of the strings and amplifies them. Do your students know the name of this keyboard instrument?

Electric bass has basically brought the performance of a bass into a much more compact form factor, while also increasing the range of the instrument. For the most part, tenor horns are not soloist instruments. Musical Instruments Challenge. From around the world, isolated on white background Set of musical instruments.