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The problem with this approach is that if you touch the screen before the autofocus gets a lock on the subject, then your photo will be out of focus. But some features are just too good to not shine a light on for a second time. Even so, whichever company handles the brand, the X is ready for its new audience. You won't find TouchWiz or Sense changing the experience with a wonky overlay. This is exciting, but it must also worry some hardware manufacturers.

Honestly, though, we don't think much of the camera's capabilities as the results aren't anything to shout about. This is likely to be because the Pure Edition release date was not supposed to have been given yet.

Also a major selling point has to be that Motorola's voice system doesn't require that you unlock the phone to use it. Moto Assist takes driving seriously by reading text messages aloud while you're on the road. The corners are nicely rounded and the backside is ever so slightly tapered along the edges allowing the phone to rest comfortably in the hand.

Moto X did get the speakers right where others often fail. Active display We said we wouldn't bore you with repeating too much from our first review. For email, it's very handy, because you can get a preview of the message by holding the unlock button. Find out in our full review!

From there, you just touch the screen to snap. That's really convenient for a phone that's only splashproof.

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But the software is well thought out, just like with the rest of the phone's functionality. This is solvable, because the app allows you to use a draggable box to focus too, so all is not lost. You can alter the blur after the fact, but this only mildly mitigates the problem. Since Apple started using nano we've been waiting for other companies to catch this miserable disease.

It's good enough, but we think it could be more powerful still. It does mean that Google's quick settings for brightness, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are buried behind one and two extra steps compared to Samsung's pull-down menu. It also knows when to keep quiet without disruptive noises during meetings or when you're ready for bed. Even so, the important stuff is covered.

Once again, the aforementioned Moto Display shows up when the display is off, providing a discreet and battery-saving method of peeking at notification icons. Then there's Motorola Assist, a feature similar to a system that has been found on Motorola's phones for some time now. Brilliant battery life We have to say, Motorola told us that it had optimised the Moto X for battery life, alpaca dating sim download free and we were initially sceptical because it's something we hear so often from so many. Powerful enough for most One of the big things about the Moto X is that it's not as high-end a smartphone as some of the competition.

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Just hop out of the shower and want to know the time? Motorola's apps are really intelligent for manufacturer software Outside of the main Moto suite is Connect, a way to bridge the messaging gap between your Moto X smartphone and computer.

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Close Latest Videos View some of the footage of our latest exhibitions, demonstrations and Friends of the Museum events. Notifications will appear when the screen is off for new email, voicemail and many other things. You'll be prompted with notifications to remind you to setup backups, protect the phone from theft and even turn on an unlock code. Not that we've been putting on our best Scottish or Welsh accents or anything.

KitKat does offer some advantages over the last version of Jelly Bean. Otherwise, this is a completely different device with a new direction.

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