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But The Undertaker is, of course, on a completely different level from everyone else. For their efforts, The Brood clocks in at No. Do you agree with our choices? Also, did he actually breathe in, then exhale, the flames and the smoke from that pyro?

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You know a performer exists on an entirely different plane of existence when the simple act of entering an arena is a yearly highlight at The Shows of Shows, WrestleMania. The People's Champion, that's who. But no Superstar ever quite meshed with his pyro like the one and only Goldberg.

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Lots of Superstars had cool pyro, and in most instances, the cool pyro meshed well with their personas. Their classically creepy entrance and its pitch-perfect pyro certainly played a huge role in that. Badd Blood A monster whose entrance pyro is as much a part of his persona as his red-and-black ring gear and iconic mask, dating services barrie Kane takes the top spot due to consistency and iconography. Some entrances just get the blood pumping. The Brood were some straight-up scary dudes.

Nebraska Cornhuskers