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Libby is initially oblivious to Drew's love for her and she begins dating her university lecturer, Mike Healy Andrew Blackman. Libby meets Doug Harris Mahesh Jadu at Ben's dance class and they initially get off to a bad start, but begin dating. Stevie is beyond shocked to find out who Rose is dating but Reagan persuades her to be cool with him as he will only expect a negative reaction. Libby develops a crush on Luke Handley Bernard Curry and he begins to develop feelings for her too. Libby goes into labour whilst locked inside a barn at a rodeo in Oakey.

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Libby is shocked to learn that Dan has been injured in an accident and is not happy that Steph and Toadie tried to keep it from her. Steph initially offers to carry the baby, but Libby turns her down and Susan offers instead. Libby and Dan accept and Susan later becomes pregnant. She then offers him some advice about how to cope with his loss. When she is found, she is taken to the hospital and she gives birth to Ben Noah Sutherland.

Libby then finds out that she is pregnant and decides to keep the baby despite the risks to her life. Toadie reveals his part in covering up the secret, which devastates Libby further. Darren decides to leave Erinsborough, but stays when Libby tells him she loves him. Karl and Susan discover that Libby is prepared to lie about Steph's state of mind at the time of the accident and they beg her to tell the truth.

Michala banas and brett tucker dating But Rose doesn't tell any of the Drovers women his identity until he arrives. Brett later forms a crush on her. Brett's older brother, Darren, moves to Ramsay Street and Libby begins a relationship with him. After breaking up with him, plus size first date tips dating Libby and Brett lose their virginity to each other. Dan then tells Libby that he loves her and they begin dating.

Libby and Lucas sleep together, but agree to keep things casual between them. Sam admits the truth, before leaving once more. Valentine drew on her own experience of going through a divorce to film the scenes. However, this causes friction between her and Dan. Karl later walks in on Libby and Doug kissing.

When Ben moves to Oakey, Libby flies over to visit him. Darren then kisses Janae Timmins, which ends his relationship with Libby for good and he returns to Shepparton alone. When Taj turns eighteen, he pursues Libby but she ignores him. So for the next few months, we've got this long-term storyline based around Libby wanting to have a baby with Dan which we all know is incredibly risky because she could die if she has another baby.

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Dan begins to question Susan's interference in his and Libby's lives. Libby helps Steph realise that she is suffering from postpartum depression and goes to the hospital with her to talk to Doug. Libby is devastated to learn that Steph's baby is actually Dan's and tells Steph that they are no longer friends. After her first mentoring session with Michael does not go well, Libby leaves to visit Ben indefinitely.

Karl and Susan believe Libby's new attitude to life is just a phase, which she denies. Ben later tells Libby that he wants to leave as everywhere reminds him of Drew. Following a fall, Susan loses the baby. She leaves a note behind informing Karl and Susan that she will remain in touch. Libby pushes Drew away, but they eventually reconcile and they marry.

Libby and Ben decide to go to Oakey to get to know Drew's roots, before going home to Ballarat. Libby is unaware that Doug is Karl's boss, until he takes a phone call from him. She later splits up with Doug following an argument.

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Michala banas and brett tucker dating

When he offers to walk her home one night, Taj invites Libby to his house and they sleep together. And when Karl asked if she had anything to go home to, we thought how brilliant it would be if she stayed. She then decides to go visit Ben.

However, he later kisses another woman and Libby ends their relationship for good. Dan gets the job, but turns it down after hearing about what happened to Libby.

Dan and Susan argue and Dan announces that he should never have agreed to the surrogacy, upsetting Libby. Libby then accepts Michael's offer of mentorship. Libby and Drew eventually start a relationship and Libby becomes good friends with new neighbour, Stephanie Scully Carla Bonner. When she is threatened by a thief, Karl is convinced the job is not safe, but she goes back to work there. However, she collapses and is rushed to hospital, where she finds out she is pregnant.