Michael myers vs jason voorhees yahoo dating

Michael myers vs jason voorhees yahoo dating

It's a unique prop that caused nightmares for millions of movie fans around the world. Both the kitchen knife and machete are efficient killing tools, but you simply can't beat the classic knife. He found after in his sister's bed, her lover used it for have sex with her. Voorhees, however, wears a hockey mask.

The shorter blade allows

His mask is creepy as hell, his blue overalls are as instantly recognizable as the mask, and his favored use of the classic kitchen knife is perfect. He deserves his place in the horror hall of fame alongside the character who inspired him. While he's also capable of keeping a low profile and popping up out of nowhere, the best example of Jason's stealth came in Jason Takes Manhattan.

Plus, he can be revived, such as when lightning revived his corpse, when Tina Shepard telepathically revived him, or when Freddy Krueger resurrected him to do his bidding. Created by Victor Miller, Sean S. So seeing Michael Myers appearing in gardens and bursting out of cupboards was terrifying, as was the inexplicable evil within him.

Created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. There's really no comparison. And no one can escape him, it's not like you can stop sleeping and dreaming. Michael developed psychopathic tendencies when he was a boy, he was excluded by everyone, at home, his family didn't care about him.

He's an unstoppable killing machine whose methods are as grotesque as his face. It's far scarier than a hockey mask could ever be. While both villains are extremely hard to put down, Voorhees has taken more damage and come back from worse injuries. Neither character is ever going to rival Einstein in terms of intelligence, but they're both capable killers on roughly the same level as each other. Plus he can't really be killed either.

The shorter blade allows him to look his victims dead in the eye from behind his mask as he plunges it into them, stabbing rather than slashing. He's a horror icon in every sense of the term. Granted, it's changed the way the world looks at hockey masks, but it's still just a hockey mask.

Myers is the original slasher killer. Voorhees has demonstrated some cunning, as well. Moreover, Jason Voorhees wasn't even the killer in the best movie in his franchise.

If you were to place pictures of Myers and Voorhees in front of any movie fan, they'd recognize them both instantly. But his kills aren't as creative as Freddy's. Sure, there's also A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger, but he's a different sort of villain than these two masked killers.

He's a horror icon in everyGranted it's changed the