Meaning of hook up slang

Meaning of hook up slang

Other material conditions may be set as needed, dictated by the threat. Flaming Datum - A burning ship, or a missile breaking water.

For example, a ship will call away general quarters for a major fuel or oil leak in the engineering spaces to prepare in case a fire results. Floor - In naval architecture, a horizontal structural surface which does not extend the full length of the ship. Third-Person singular simple past participle hooking up in finding a partial list of short duration. In this way, the fall of shot is walked onto the target. In such case a ship could capsize roll completely over.

Fast AttackCease Fire  Do not openSeparates the abovewater hull paint

Brain Fart - Conceptual discontinuity. Anchor - Aviation To hold overhead or in the vicinity of a specified location.

Hook up - definition of hook up by The Free Dictionary

Fast Attack - Refers to submarines whose primary missions are sealane control, anti-shipping operations, anti-submarine warfare, and intelligence operations. Separates the above-water hull paint from the anti-fouling underwater paint. Cease Fire - Do not open fire, or discontinue firing.

The etiquette of the wardroom, which is usually fairly formal, is also relaxed in the dirty shirt wardroom. Flemish - To coil a line on deck so that it can run freely while maintaining a seamanlike appearance. Fresnel lens installations are also found on almost all Naval Air Station runways.

Bogey - Unidentified air contact. The hazard is extreme because maneuvering to defeat any particular missile of the three makes you more vulnerable to one of the others.

Can be induced by magnitude or duration of the G load, the rate at which G's are applied, or a combination of these factors. They can usually be found cluttering up passageways or decks where real work is being done.