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Matchmaking awesomenauts, awesomenauts Announces New Overdrive Expansion

Awesomenauts Awesome Key Features

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That said, we'll continue to tweak the system to make sure the matchmaking experience continues to improve from here on out! In order to improve the matchmaking experience, we've completely rebuilt the system from the ground up. This matchmaking system we currently have, is just bad. Freedom while you wait While the matchmaking system is preparing all this, you can continue to navigate the menus, use the Global Chat and new party chat features, keep your options open dating relationship and use other features in the game.

Today I'd like to discuss the most interesting results. This rework is called Galactron.

Matchmaking is completely out of control! The Awesomenauts are a diverse bunch!

Aside from this, I believe being able to play with your friends regardless of rating is a positive thing about Awesomenauts. Expect new items and Awesomenauts to be added regularly! Do you have enough Awesome to lead your Awesomenauts to victory? It doesn't account for win-rate of certain Nauts. Once the enemy drill-core falls you win.

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There are probably other solutions to come up with, but we have to fix this. Upgrade your timewarping field to a healing bubble or add rockets to your blaster.

If they can't always find pros to play with, you could organize a championship where all the league ones go into organized matches and try to win a tournament. We can tweak how important each criterium is and I think we might have made skill too important right now. That's exactly what Galactron will do! Galactron needs to find the best match-up based on a bunch of criteria around ping and skill.

It thinks rating is all that matters when hours played and win-rate can also matter, or if you or your team only plays in premades or solo. Most of those we've already fixed by now, or are working on fixing. Galactron already places a high emphasis on getting rating as close as possible, making this emphasis stronger means reducing things like ping and premade checks.

It would have been nice to compare this to our snowballing stats, but unfortunately those weren't recorded in the Galactron live beta due to an oversight. If the match hasn't started yet, you will have to wait until the game fills up before you can start. If you Alt-Tab the game while waiting for your game to start, you'll receive an audio-warning that your game has started. Some maps contain other obstacles, such as a giant pit monster that consumes anything immediately above it that can be summoned by standing on a button.

Awesomenauts Announces New Overdrive Expansion

But the bottom line is, its not fun. The system looks at the available games and picks the one that's the best fit for you. It doesn't account for the Nauts you or your Team are good at or aren't good at.