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Keryn talks about the various ways religion has gained control over our lives. Matt Dillahunty and guest Noah Lugeons. Don talks about the failure of Christian medicine.

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This is John's first time in front of the camera. Tracie talks about identity development or lack thereof with people who have been indoctrinated.

Don talks about how Christianity seemingly needs lies for sucessful marketing. Matt Dillahunty and Mark Loewe. Don and Tracie talk abou the use of emotional manipulation in the marketing of religion and controlling believers.

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Author Hector Garcia discusses his book. How Islam is making the world a better place through bombings. Tracie and Jenn talk about how yesterday's Atheist Day events and speakers. Don looks at whether God helps societies of believers be better than their secular counterparts. Matt and John take callers via Skype.

This is Ciera's first co-host appearance. Jen takes on live callers. Tracie discusses the difference between disagreement and intolerance. Keryn takes a look at old testament law and its relation to our present day laws.

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Don discusses that churches asking for bailouts after hurricane Harvey is just another failure of Christianity. Skepticism about an Anti-Vax E-mail. Don talks about how Christians should convert to the clearly superior religion of Islam.

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Interview with YouTube celeb AronRa. Tim talks about blue laws and how they limit religious freedom. Russell and John take callers.

Tracie describes the experience of three volunteers who took the Jesus test suggested by an earlier caller. Jen Peeples and Martin Wagner. Living a Year Without God. Traice talks about the fate of the fake videos used to vilify Planned Parenthood.

Don looks at the Texas state supreme court decision and its impact on religious liberty. Jeff and Matt take callers. Don talks about how Christianity's use of people as tools belies its fraudulent nature.

Atheist Experience Audio

Russell and Jeff take callers. Jen talks about the folly of defunding Planned Parenthood. Don discusses how Christianity uses vanity to manipulate adherents. Jen and Russell talk about an Irish woman who was effectively killed over control of her uterus. Russell and Tracie take callers.

Russell explores a supposedly intangible concept. Russell chats with author and former Christian John Loftus.

Introducing Cohost Phil Session. It's Time Dance Hour, cityville 2 game Vol. Don talks about founder Thomas Paine and how he nailed most of the problems with the Bible. If you want to get our newest releases you are welcome to join our free community! Jen discusses gender discrimination in the draft and measles vaccination.

Anthony talks about his technique for challenging theists with their beliefs without shutting them down. Matt Dillahunty and Anthony Magnabosco. Tracie Harris and guest Anthony Magnabosco. The trailer for Mission Control Texas was shown at the beginning.

Martin and Tracie take viewer calls. Tracie explores more about the topic of dying for one's beliefs.

Don Baker and Tracie Harris. Christian Radio Interview Recap.

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