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One day the man killed his family then hung himself on the bridge near by. Louis - Springfield stage coach route. One day her husband came down with a very bad cold.

She usually shows up near a group of pine trees in a far corner of the cemetery. Bethany - by the lake - In the country between Bethany and Sullivan is an old cemetery near the lake lake Shelbyvillle.

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Chicago - Graceland Cemetery - Graceland Cemetery is one of Chicago's oldest graveyards and boasts several hauntings. According to legend he died of a heart attack the opening night of West Side Story and never got to see the production. If you drive out there and park under any of them and turn out your lights, the spirits will send hellhounds out to bring back your soul. One time a guy told me he was putting new tile in, in the projection booth and he went to get something came back and the tile that still needed to be laid was already done. On the second floor is the door to nowhere that is up on the house leading to no deck nor any stairway.

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In Illinois Warning Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, dating black girls trespassers will be prosecuted.

Oprah talks freely of the ghost in the building and shows no fear of them. Nobody knows whether she intentionally rammed her car into the tree, or is was just an accident. Louis De Montfort - In one photograph at the altar, a white orb is spotted in photo, but wasn't visible at altar. The building is brick and use to have a huge chimney connected.

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The building has several dining areas with fireplaces in each one that have been converted to gas. Some reported seeing Big Jim in the Attic and other places in the house.

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Thus the whole thing about Illinois park is not fact. He walks down the side aisle in the sanctuary, coming out from behind one pillar and walking behind the next, but if you look behind the pillar, no one will be there. Chicago - Archer Woods Cemetery - The cemetery gates are never locked, so entry is easily accessible. When they got closer the lady disappeared. If you go there late at night, you can see them.

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An American airlines flight crashed into an airfield near the airport. Area is located near quarry in the back of the sports complex.

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