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On the surface of Salar de Atacama you can observe salt crusts generated by the accumulation of crystals produced by the evaporation of the underground saline waters. It is very important to go on a guided tour to avoid taking the wrong road. Es aconsejable realizar estas ascensiones con agencias especializadas. Se puede cominar esta actividad con sandboard. Its location and structure was mainly for defensive and strategic purposes, and as an ancient route, that would later be occupied in the Inca period.

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We recommend visiting their stunning churches and see their architectural style typical of the Chilean high plains. En este sector de la Reserva Nacional se puede observar tres tipos de Parinas o Flamencos y una gran variedad de aves. It is also important to know that rain and snow occur during the summer months, between January and March.

Dar tiempo o espera a alguien, y especialmente al deudor, para que pague. Es posible arrendar bicicletas en el pueblo de San Pedro de Atacama. Ahora David Vincent, sabe que los invasores han llegado, que se han adaptado al aspecto humano. De los nervios, Smith destruye parte de los controles y se ve obligado a despertar del letargo al piloto y a los Robinson. You can combine this trip with sandboarding.

The sand buried this village and today on this location you can find a museum that has reproduced the original homes with the same elements of the period. This lovely landscape shows two beautiful lagoons surrounded by high summits with a spectacular view towards Atacama salt lake, a must see sight for tourists visiting this area. We advice you to do this treks and Hikes with local agencies because this are non transitated routes and the altitude and weather conditions requires an experienced guide.

Continuing on this road you reach the Tebenquiche Lagoon, christian devotions for dating couples which has similar characteristics to the Chaxa Lagoon. Todos los caciques fueron decapitados. It is highly recommended that you bring binoculars for a better view. Para compensar a sus benefactores se convierte en agente cumpliendo peligrosas misiones.

Their main activity was ceramic, textile, agriculture, and livestock farming. Machuca has a small and beautiful wetland where small families of flamingoes, ducks and seagulls live together. Hoy se puede apreciar en Peine y Ayquina.

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Swimming is allowed in this lagoon where the gravitational effect from the condensation of salt allows the body to float easily and relax. Se accede por la ruta que lleva al paso Jama, en el km. Rock Art is considered one of the most important demonstrations of pre hispanic Atacamenian art. Built in different historical periods, both are worth seeing. Today we can appreciate this technique in Peine and Ayquina.

These birds feed on microscopic forms such as one-cell algae, and micro invertebrates. Today, we can enjoy and appreciate this rock art technique in places like Lasana, Hierbas Buenas or Catalorco. The Horned Coot Tagua Cornuda nests every year in this area.

This is the driest desert in the world, due to its dry climate and solar radiation. It is possible to see some of it in Taira. La laguna ayuda a sostener la vida de la flora y fauna del lugar. You must also be aware of distances, since it can be a long way from one village to another. Or rock engraving, was done directly on the rock through smacks with other rocks or harder materials, or by scraping it.

En este sector se puede encontrar una gran cantidad de flamencos de diferentes variedades. El beso que se da en el ano de otra persona para estimularla sexualmente. There is a viewpoint that allows you to see the formation of the village from above. This museum has been named after its founder, a Jesuit who arrived in to take over the parish in San Pedro de Atacama.

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Es posible observarlas en Taira. Espino artificial, alambrada con pinchos, que se usa para cercas. You can also see the lamas that belong to the inhabitants.

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This precolombian village is an example of the sedentary lifestyle of the region. Lester Flatt y Earl Scruggs. Socaire has a population of about people, whose main source of work is agricultural, and non-metal mining. Se puede visitar el campamento minero y una espectacular vista al yacimiento a tajo abierto, donde todo es gigante. Tubs of water need to be taken on this tour in order to rinse the salt off after bathing.

The lagoon helps keep the flora and fauna of the area alive. The tour visit the Tatio geothermal fields, a thermal pool and the beautiful high plateau village of Machuca. Due to its climate and its altitude, in the atacama desert you can find a very special flora and fauna. Very close to this lagoon are the Tebenquiche eyes, with much less saline water and an unexplored depth.

En foros y otros sitios de internet similares, imagen seleccionada por cada usuario, que aparece junto a su nombre en cada una de sus intervenciones. This one of most amazing tours of the zone, due to the risky of the road, it is advisable to make this tour with a local travel agencie. Por ello los turistas que gustan de las altas cumbres, realizan ascensos a cerros y volcanes enmarcados en paisajes sobrecogedores.

Thawing of snow and rainfall feed water to this lagoon. David Vincent los ha visto. This tour takes you to one of the most amazing high plateau landscape. Prenda femenina para dormir, con faldas cortas, ajustada y con gran escote, que cubre parte del tronco, del busto hacia abajo, y se sostiene con breteles. Plato compuesto de carne de vaca, chorizo, salchicha, etc.