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The second collection deals with preparation and study. Spurgeon here uses positive influences to show that a pastor must be a man of prayer Ibid. It will not be long, I hope, before you are made to feel thoroughly at home, and - listening in to that rich voice from a warm and full heart - start to obtain a blessing. Positively, Spurgeon tells his preachers how they must behave in their private lives, their prayer lives, and their public lives.

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Lectures to My Students

This can be the case even when he is making allowances for us. Perhaps first and foremost is the fact that Spurgeon often forgets that you are not Spurgeon. One of the more compelling chapters deals with that of private prayer. It is hard to establish a purely academic value for this book because it was not written to produce scholars but rather by and for preachers who Spurgeon cared for so much. Each chapter is fairly brief, and marked by typically Spurgeonic arrangements of the material, with thoughtful and engaging headings guiding us progressively through the matter at hand.

Lectures to My Students by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

But in the church today, the students are those who are preaching from the pulpit. In working through this book, the student will gain more insight and more depth than all the contemporary preaching books like this combined. First, I believe that this book is one of the most practical books that a pastor can have in their library. Weakness The book uses some language that can be difficult to understand at times. His main theme in this book is to produce genuine and sincere pastors worthy of their place behind the pulpit.

Spurgeon is a favorite resource and historical figure for thousands of pastors around the world. In practical terms it is keeping reverence toward God.

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Most of the time, each element is essentially self-contained, although some topics do break over two or more chapters the main exception is the third section, of which more below. The style is homely, full of quotations broadly drawn from various authors, marked by humour and practical insight. The material on illustration - the entire third section - is worth a mention in its own right. It shows how to practically live the principles contained in it.

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One of the things I appreciate about Lectures to My Students is how clearly it reveals that many of the pressures and challenges of the pastorate have not changed over the last two hundred years. Lectures To My Students covers a variety of topics discussed in twenty-eight lectures. The many positive aspects of Lectures being too difficult to name individually, this short evaluation will focus on both the author and his lecturing style. Although I have probably read Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders more than any other book, how to tell your parents you are dating your ex Lectures to My Students would be at the top of the list of books to which I often refer.

Lectures To My Students contains many of the lectures and topics that Spurgeon presented at his annual conference. As evident by his concern and understanding Spurgeon had a special place in his heart for his students.

However, the first third of the chapter is on abuses of the principle. The goal is to keep the people in mind and where they are at in their walk. It is true that there are some examples that may seem not very practical today, but the overall themes of these chapters are timeless. He never takes himself or his listeners too seriously, but this never detracts from the grave seriousness of the topic of preaching the word of God. The third on deliver and illustration.

Critique Spurgeon accomplishes, in these lessons, how a preacher should act and conduct themselves in ministry. The following book critique will summarize portions of Lectures, critique and evaluate the collection, and apply the text personally to my own life. Each is generally marked by holy wit and sanctified common sense. Charles Spurgeon at his best. Your eyes, mind and heart.