Kami tenchi vs goku yahoo dating

Kami tenchi vs goku yahoo dating

Super Saiyan God Goku vs Kami Tenchi

It is a manifestation of God's aura. And it was an awakening in the spiritual sense, not the get-up-out-of-bed sense. Similarly I don't think that Jack Kirby's cameo as god in Fantastic Four wasn't meant to be taken too seriously either.

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That's what I meant the first time. Doom having his guards subdue and lock up Stan Lee in his dungeons. When they cancel each other out, that's when the entire wing is exhausted. Goku's never created or destroyed universes. Well, I do, even there Of course, those feats, while few, are huge, so that's pretty easy and tends to return a very straitforward result.

Astner Because in that case, they are being used to cancel out the exotic effect- This isn't based on the source material. He can increase his power instantly. But at no point do I feel feats stop being the measure of power.

After all the Chousin can do stuff like that and they aren't omnipotent. They're closer to Cube Beings than the Living Tribunal.

Astner Because in that case they

People who argue for a middle ground or stalemate are generally people who either don't want to argue or don't know the characters well enough to argue. Furthermore, the notion of that only one power exists that could pierce them only applies to that setting.

It was the first thing to pop into my head at the time. Being able to create a multiverse doesn't actually mean omnipotent, btw. Ko-oh-yoku is a manifestation of God's aura and not a weapon.