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However the trainee changes his plan when he falls in love and needs the Major's help in rescuing his beau. Sahara India Mass Communication. Sona's marriage is fixed with a moron against her will.

The mission of saving Sona from an undesirable marriage is not so easy for them as the police is also sniffing them like bloodhounds and their own lives are in danger. Thomson Living Media India Ltd.

Once a bandit, always a bandit. The film received a mediocre reception.

Theatrical release poster. Raj is one of city's top lawyer known never to loose a case. The climax of this movie has been copied in many other movies including certain commercially successful recent movies.

For this, he seeks help from Rachit, a former associate of the trio. She gives birth to a son, names him Lakhan, and lets the bandits teach their way of life.

Kachche Dhaage

Our story revolves around Brahman Pandit Tulsiram who betrays Thakur Bahadur Singh to the police, and as a result Bahadur is sentenced to be hanged. Roopa was in the army but hearing about his father's murder by Laakhan, he also became a bandit. Films directed by Milan Luthria. Seeking revenge by picking a firearm was considered desirable in the Indian villages in that period but then there was no looking back possible. However after I discovered the treasure of Punjabi poetry in Nusrat's other compositions, I decided to learn Punjabi one day.

Sona as Mousami Chatterjee. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Suresh Oberoi. When the brothers meet for the first time, they instantly loathe each other, having nothing in common. Bollywood Cowboys and Bandits.

Produced and directed by eminent film director of Bollywood - Raj Khosla, this movie is a brilliant blend of action and sentiments. Thus they had their own justification for raising arms and going for their bloody activities. Unemployed Aftab is into smuggling on Indo-Pak border. Dhananjay is dating Ragini Namrata Shirodkar and has his father's death to contend with.

Now both these bandits have a difficult choice before them - whether to continue their enmity or join hands to save the life of the girl they sincerely love. However their hearts get broken when they come to know that she loves a village boy Bhola Ritesh. The police, the judiciary and the society at large were seldom sympathetic towards them and hence leaving the path of banditry was never easy.

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The songs of this film are definitely and definitively representatives of the wonderful Punjabi poetry. Aaftab is in love with Rukshana Manisha Koirala but is rejected by his family because he is illegitimate. This film is dominated by its music and the story becomes weak before the music in spite of being good on its own. Curry Western or Desi Western.

It's meant for the sensitive people who can empathize with the feelings of the heroes. Amidst religious riots, a son deals with his mother's life-threatening injuries, and her last request. Akhtar Romani's impressive dialogs ably support the screenplay. The movie is studded with impressive scenes and the human aspect of the bandits gets prominence in a major chunk of the narrative.

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Fate has it such that they are forced to escape on foot, on motorbikes, cars, stolen trucks, and even handcuffed to each other on a moving goods train. One night, Aaftab blows up a loaded truck while trying to steal from it and attracts a mass of unwanted enforcers.

This movie highlights this aspect of the life of the Indian bandits. He his introduced to Sargam during the launch of her new album by Ashwin Mehta owner of a music company.

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The movie ends on a highly emotional tragic note. When Rahul was gone to India for official trip He is attracted to Nisha, and announces that he will be marrying her soon. The soundtrack, which featured a number of Punjabi folk tunes, proved popular amongst non Hindi audiences of the film. Shortly after, Ramakant passes away and Aftab gets to meet his step-brother Dhananjay alias Jai who is quite resentful towards Aftab and his mother. These two heroes who appear to be real bandits in the get-up given to them, light up the screen in the scenes featuring them.

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However in no other movies, have I found the climax as that impressive and tear-jerking as in Kachche Dhaage. Kachche Dhaage Theatrical release poster. Spaghetti Western Movies, jhankar songs but made in India. It's a thought-provoking movie from this angle.

The ravines of India used to be inhabited by the bandits who called themselves as Baaghis rebels. They run into difficult circumstances on the run, not in the least made better by their hatred for each other. The haunting music composed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with the right dose of Punjabi words in the songs is the best thing happened to this film. That's what Laakhan highlights when he curses his mother Nirupa Roy for making him a bandit to seek revenge for his father's death. Their lives change when they come across a beautiful village girl Sona Moushumi Chatterjee.