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Or somebody you personally knows that works for the band or promoters directly that has these connections. They have to arrange this in advance.

Prodigy was named after his ability to quickly master all new things related to dancing and playing music.

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Also, the news people can't just show up with their news crew and be let in backstage. Or, if you are lucky have a friend or a neighbor that has a relative that works for the band or the promoters directly.

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On some concerts the promoters will give a backstage pass to a person. Some of these backstage passes have bar codes or security strips on them, depending on the agents and promoters. Sometime these backstage passes are not transferable. The showstoppers deliver high levels of energy during their sets, singing, rapping and dancing with stage presence comparable to the greats. Their sound resonates with lush harmonies and messages that speak to listeners of all ages.

And Princeton got his start at the age of four, appearing in television commercials for Skechers, McDonalds and Nike, as well as music videos. From somebody that posted this information here on Yahoo Answers in the past. Their movement is redefining the word mindless and sending a powerful, much needed message to youth. The music supports their message and the mindless lifestyle. Mindless Behavior is a new, kenyan socialite dating president's son lyrics effortless way of thinking that promotes individuality.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Roc Royal, who began rapping at eight years old, also honed his skills in dance crews. Prodigy, Princeton, Roc, and Ray Ray were immediately picked after displaying their talents.

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