Indian Movie Commando

Was this review helpful to you? In the forest, Karan hears Simrit's story and promises to help her.

Indian movie commando

Hope both of them get more roles and scripts that show their skills. Esha Gupta was good in her role. Film starting action sequence is a bit good and takes care of mind but then pre interval boat sequence is unbearable.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Freddy Daruwala and Shefali Shah's character were so confusing till the end. Everything is fair in love and war. Additionally some violence was trimmed. However, as Karan still refuses to relent, he is transferred to be tried at the Chinese Military Court with the most probable and possible sentence being the death penalty.

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Why did main villain leave main hero alive after interval or even didn't try to harm him? Music was totally unimpressive.

After few minutes in second half I just surrendered myself that I can't understand this movie. It is better to watch previous installment Commando at home with family. Redirected from Commando film. But in the next scene from top, they seem to be shooting in the air directly in front of them.

Indian movie commando

Performance wise Vidhyut Jamwal is undoubtedly good in action but what about acting! Trending Hindi Movies and Shows.

When India's top batsman goes missing in the Middle East, two mismatched cops must team up for a hour manhunt before the cricket final. Script has some many twist and turns so it look like Abbas Mastan's flick.

This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. Characters establishment was so boring and just for the sake of surprise without any logic, like S.

Due to this Karan has to suffer inhuman torture from the Chinese Army for one year in a bid to force a confession out of him. Karan and Simrit, however, get outnumbered and Karan is shot in his stomach. It also has a story that creaks.

The only thing lacking was a entertaining item number. Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi and Vaidehi Trivedi from Kota belong to small towns but have diametrically opposite opinions on everything. In the name of action she throws fire extinguisher on goons in boat fight and waves chains to goons in plane junkyard fight. Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating the plot. Adah Sharma was totally usually with her Hyderabadi ascent.

The Chinese feel they can use these circumstances to brand him as an Indian spy and use this political leverage to embarrass the Indian government and create an international fracas. However, this film is far better than the crappy South Indian action film remakes that are churned out over the last few years. Edit Storyline A disavowed Indian commando helps protect a woman from a local thug who is hellbent on forcing her to marry him. The movie ends with Karan finally telling Simrit his full name, new tarzan games and promises to return after the court-martial. Every Movie I Have Watched.

Indian movie commando

Commando A One Man Army

After flowing along the river for some distance, they climb to the banks and end up inside the forest. During routine helicopter training their helicopter crashes on the Chinese side of the border. Adah Sharma as lady inspector is good among all actors. Characters turns white, black and grey according to makers whims and fancies.

The lone survivor of the wreckage, Karan is captured by Chinese officials. As the crash happened on a river and wreckage of the chopper got washed away, Karan, as well as his seniors, are not able to convince the Chinese of his innocence.

Director Deven Bhojani failed to engage the audience from beginning to Climax. Jamwal is an actor to look out for. Karan warns the goons to let go of her but they don't listen and bear the brunt of his pent-up anger and after losing some men they retreat. After a long time, Bollywood gets a fine action hero.

Alternate Versions German version was heavily cut ca. Get ready for the next action hero. Interval point is to surprise you but you actually laugh at the twist they throw on you. He decides to stick to the jungle route and then get out on the highway once he feels that the heat from Amrit Kanwal Singh and his henchmen has died down. Audible Download Audio Books.

India portal Film portal Bollywood portal. The gangster believes he can use good power to bring down this officer who made him look foolish and weak. Super Cassettes Industries Ltd. It was a moderate success at the box office.

Indian movie commando