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The Hindoo laws were codified by Manou, more than three thousand years before the Christian era, copied by entire antiquity, and notably by Rome, wliich alone h India's relation to antiquity. Let us then carry the same principle of experiment into the. So, in returning to the fountain-head, do we find in India all the poetic and religious traditions of ancient and modem peoples. Excommunication attempts to revivify its impotent thunders, and once more to bind emporors, kings, and people to its yoke.

It is there alone the truth will be found. We shall not now enter into the minutias of contracts which would be perfectly understood in their details and consequences only b - persons connected with law. We may conclude our glance at Indian law on this point with a word on adoption. Marriage, by the Hindoo law, is accomplished by the giving of the woman by the father, and her acceptance by the husband, with the ceremony of water and fire.

Italy has not yet perfected the consolidation of her unity. Thus, at each step, and the more we study the ancients the more obvious appears the proposition I have already advanced, viz.

Langlois, the trans lator of Harivansa,. And perhaps it is here that the ruling idea of this work should be declared. As the first principle necessary to the validity of engagements, the Hindoo legislator indicates the competence of the parties. Lastly, the father, who in India marries his daughter to any one, after having betrothed her to another, is held infamous.

To religious despotism, imposing speculative delusions, and jlass-legislation, may be attributed the decay of nations. Nations only attain eclat after long and painful infancy, unless aided by the light of peoples that have preceded ihem. The followers of Omar oppose and proscribe in Allah's name, the reforms that might save Turkey.

They, too, began with poverty and abnegation, and ended with opulence and despotism. The Hindoo law decrees the latter alone to be subject to commercial transactions between individuals. Observe, en passant, this striking coincidence with French law, that the Hindoo wife, in default of her husband's authority, may release herself from her incapacity, by authority of justice. Divorce, legally instituted in India, was the same in Rome.

Italy has not yet perfected the

In Asia, the whole dynasty of the Xerxes and the Artaxerxes is of Hindoo origin. It would seem, in truth, that instead of studying India we are in reality upon modem soil. Hoc enim ipso dolo facere eum qui suscepit quod reposcenti rem non dat. If, then, I have chosen some names from fabulous and heroic times, and from the principal peoples, ancient and modern, it is to give some instances that may exemplify my argument. Such the principle proprietorship in India then derived from law.

The Olympus of the Greeks is but a reproduction of the Hindoo Olympus. They are but Hindoo traditions imported with the colonizmg populations from Asia Minor into Greece, and Avhich iheij miters have adopted as cradle reminiscences. It ij I'ue only conclusion that accords with the genius of new peoples, and especially of people of Oriental origin. In India, as in Rome, the adulterous wife loses her dowry The husband is not obliged to restore it. Listen to the Roman law Leg.

We do but touch here upon all these points of interest. This book comes to familiarize all those truths which have hitherto but agitated the higher regions of thought, those truths which, doubtless, many have perceived without daring to proclaim them. In potestatc tnancnte filia, pater sponso nuntiurn remittcre potest.

We shall be still more brief in our few remaining glances at Hindoo legislation, for, taken together, we have already said enough to justify the conclusions v. Of course this is not without use, and we have made great progress in knowledge of the past, but the links of the chain are too inten-upted to admit of reconstruction. The Czar of Russia is Pope. Needless to say, that on Homer I entirely concur in the opinion of learned Germans, who consider the works of thi. Others writers dazzled with admiration of Hellenic light find it everywhere, and give themselves up to absurd theories.

Item si alferi sponsa, alterl tiupta sit ex sententia edicti punitur. Unhappily it is almost mipossible to retrace the infancy of this myterious country without domestication in it, without familiarity with its mariners, its customs, and above all v. Let us pursue these comparisons, which, although summary, are neither less sure nor less auUientic. It is the same idea that pervades the entire economy of our codes.