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Vidya, Chupke Chupke, Anuraag, etc. She excelled in these songs as well and the result was that only this type of songs started coming to her. The poignant words of Kaifi Azmi reflect the inner turmoil of Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rahman, who are bound in a relationship which can have no satisfactory conclusion.

It only shows that ultimately you need emotion in a song to appeal to your heart. Haridas Bhattacharjee was hesitant about taking Geeta, because the role required not singing but acting prowess, but Guru Dutt remained firm. But the song was not included in the movie. Thank you for the excellent write-up.

She found particular prominence as a playback singer in Hindi cinema. However she was selected for the same role in the Hindi version, Bahar two years later under the screen name Padmini. For me Geeta Dutt is the best female singer of Hindi films, despite my immense admiration for Lata Mangeshkar.

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Most of them went to Lata Buzdil, Dr. During the recording of the song she met Guru Dutt and later in they got married. Which is the best among them is a matter of subjective choice. Her family moved to Calcutta and Assam in the early forties, leaving behind their land and properties.

Anyway the truth can be known only to them. You have so beautifully summed up their personal lives. This song is the most representative of his talent. Hanuman Prasad heard the voice and walked straight into the house and enquired about the singer to Geeta's father. Canasya, On Tadbeer se bigadi huyi taqdeer bana le I read an interesting anecdote that Sahir Ludhiyanvi was deeply disturbed to see the treatment given to his ghazal.

Burman was actually present when Geeta was singing at the recording studio. Some shots from Gauri were shown to Bhattacharjee, who still did not feel very confidant. This article needs additional citations for verification.

The story was a veiled account of Geeta Dutt-Guru Dutt saga. There were occasions when Geeta was shooed out of the stage by the public.

After a violent quarrel one day, aoe3 napoleonic era Geeta threatened Guru Dutt that she would never sing in his films. Guru Dutt was not the one to relinquish this prerogative.

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While all her songs became hugely popular, it was the composers Sachin Dev Burman and O. No list of her songs can be made without this song being at the top. From your list, my favourites are Waqt ne kiya, Nanhi kali sone chali and Aaj sajan mohe ang lagaa le.

She also sang many modern Bengali songs, both in film and non-film genre. The remaining songs are completely knew to me. Geeta Dutt had a special niche for peppy, light-hearted and naughty songs. The entire stage management passed off well and the audience did not get to know what had actually happened. Meanwhile I would go back to your blog for Kanan Devi.

However, out of her personal problems, Geeta would not practice her art sufficiently and failed to meet Burman's demanding standards. Some of the songs she sang under O. At the end, it is subjective.

It was to be India's first movie in cinemascope but the project was shelved only by a few days of the shooting. It is a superb song with equally superb picturisation of folk dance.

She went from traditional songs to Western-beat tunes with such flexibility that she became much demanded by all music directors who had to compose completely opposite songs for a film. This is a delightful selection, as I would expect.

Miss Mary Songs By Lata Mangeshkar Geeta Dutt All Hindi Mp3 album

But in after the release of a film, Baazi revealed a new facet. Guru Dutt probably wanted Geeta to return to a stable and healthy mental state. He rose to the occasion as an elder brother would and entered the stage and announced that Geeta and he had decided to sing their duets that evening. The ten best songs of Geeta Dutt composed by S D Burman covered, in your words, all the possible genres and emotions in music.

With this lori I sang my daughter to sleep. Dev Anand has said on more than one occasion that people saw this film several times only for this song sequence. Some tragedies are just too sad, it is futile to explain them by rational reasoning. He even made arrangements to coach her and improve her Tamil pronunciation. By then, Guru Dutt had got romantically involved with Waheeda Rehman and Geeta had taken to drinking.

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From Geeta Duttt was number playback singer in Mumbai. She only sang two lines in that film, but her talent astonished everyone in the recording studio. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Geeta Dutt.

Some shooting was done and Geeta felt better, regained some confidence. Hanuman Prasad took Geeta under his patronage, trained and groomed her in singing and later launched her into singing for movies. The first two are also quite well known, and are in my list of ten. If thats not a rule, tadbeer se strongly deserves to be in the list.