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Ever After High Cupid - Girl Games

Prone to falling asleep at the worst possible moments. Face-Claim With a similar hairstyle and facial structure including facial hair! Vadim Rothbart Axel Wolf is a introduced and all-around character. He to her is a stupid elder brother.

He is supposed to pale in comparison to his brother, but he is just as popular, with both Raven and Cupid having crushes on him, just as athletic and a lot smarter. The episode Here Comes Cupid has a close-up, from Cupid's perspective, of his blue eyes without his glasses, complete with Bishie Sparkle. Though he is not official dating all ships are welcomed. She's a Royal dating a Rebel Hunter Huntsman who, furthermore, is not even in her story. If she is late to anything the clothes she is wearing at the time will turn into rags.

The real Axel is kind, chivalrous, charming adventurous and seems to have a love for most music and performing based. Her book reveals she owns a unicorn named Divacorn. Why do people get so mad when I borrow their things? He was the one who bought them. This man hated him for no other reason then he didn't look like his father.

EverGray is more of a beta and a best friend to Axel. She has no problem in bluntly saying the defects on everything that is not Just Right to her. She was never well off but she made sure her son was well cared for and she often took him on business trips that took her around the world.

Just like most of the that acolyte are near his weight fight and muscular though its hard to tell since he wear jackets often. Bears and fancy bows appear frequently in her outfits. So it seems this ship has sailed. Don't let his vain personality fool you, he may talk your ear off on how great he is but underneath it all he is a good guy and a gentleman. Considered that he proclaimed himself the winner of a female beauty contest he was judging.

She proc lames she is the alpha of them all when she isn't. Mandy and Adham are a very touchy feely couple - hoss bellies are too cosy not to cuddle.

How that affects his feelings on Raven is so far unseen. In the True Hearts Day special, Raven is really happy when she finds out he was the one who wrote the love note to her. They get a lot of moments in the novels, plus she thinks he's a really sweet guy and is one of the few who prefer him over his big brother. She would like to live in a simple place in the forest. In terms of clothing, Adham favours earthy colours and simple styles, often picking golds, browns, whites, and yellows.

His voice would be more of a Seattle ascent and a bit higher since Axel is a teenager. Has a painfully obvious crush on Raven. As he grown his mother taught him the magic of the hunt, wolf magic, how to turn from a full wolf forum to his human forum and also though him about native american music and cutler. His passport is a myriad of border stamps and his Mythstagram yes he has one is chock full of snaps from hundreds of different locations. They often watch episodes of crappy animes together in between periods with their feet up on the desk.

He won by a mile and managed to escape and he and Mandy claimed the winnings that Mandy had placed a bet on the race for. Though it very unknown to most people think he is a royal. As the next Cinderella, she has trained for her future role by taking care of one of her step-aunts, according to her book. Some of his friend even say he seems to have psd from the year of abuse from his father.

Daring asked the head master to move Axel into another room due to reason that are still not allowed ot be talked about. Parentage Adham's parents are both unicorns, albeit from different cultures and stories. The coloring for it is mostly black and grays.

It's implied by Apple that this is to be expected as she's Cinderella's daughter after all. After Dragon Games reveals he is not Apple's destined prince he has no idea what to do with himself and becomes listless. He like raven believes everyone has a right to their happily ever after and it is not fair to be judged because of things your parents did. Axel side with the rebels of ever after high.

Ever After High Cupid

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If it's dangerous, he's done it. Though hanging out with the pack a bullies group does not seem to help people think any better of him.

She can open any kind of lock. It seems the only strikes he has against him are his self-esteem problems and social awkwardness though this mostly applies to his interactions with Raven, and he has no shortage of friends himself. He has a frustrated tantrum over her messing with their stuff, and yells at her and her friends to leave the bear's house.

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He is the song of a wolf from another country story of a wolf. Ember FangWolf- She is his cousin from his father side. It's something he's not very proud of. Something that might of imprinted on him when he used to be a ex-roommate of daring charming. Aside from her more tactless moments, Blondie is a sweet and friendly girl.

This man has both emotionally and physical was abused by this man. He wears a pair of steel pared leather converse tennis shoe that wear custom made to make sure his claws on his feet did tear through them. He has more than once made apple cry. The top is a white tank top with a red wolf in the shape of a moon howling at the moon.

Calli Latrans - This friendship Axel and Calli developed was something he never expects to happen. However, just because she obeys them, it doesn't mean she has to stop them from getting into trouble. Dragon Games reveals that Daring is not Apple's Prince Charming after his kiss fails to awaken her from a cursed sleep. He takes after his father in his looks, radiometric dating for kids with his Iranian heritage all but drowning out his mother's blue eyes and silvery hair.

It can only be seen if he shaves. His life with his father different from time to time.

When angry and pushed past the point of no return his eyes turn blood red and he's driven with an insatiable bloodlust and the desire to rip into victim's flesh and feast on their meat. Even Headmaster Grimm won't tell him, preferring to leave it to Legacy Day.

Adham Shadhavar-Behzadi

What he lacks in confidence and class, he makes up for in other ways. He is what most princesses want.

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