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When I have free time I like be sitting somewhere thinking about various things. She was so glad that I'd found a person who appreciates and respect me and whom I'm so interested in.

My daddy was aganst correspondence with a foreigner but when I showed him your letters he said you're a very nice person and deserves respect. It's our aim to grow then as good-natured, who is mint chalida dating kind and honest persons. Especially kittens and puppies. Pero eso no quiere decir que no echo el esfuerzo.

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But I simply have to hear your voice! We have a bath in the village. So I usually take a friend of mine with me. Today i and my Dad went to the grandmother's and he told her I'm corresponding with a foreigner.

It's rather cool now here but I'm fond of walking in the open-air. Here there're lots of birches, maples, oak-trees and fur-trees, of course. What kind of trees grow in your locality? Maybe I would be able to call on your number from somewhere.

It's a problem in Russia unfortunately. We tried to persuade her of moving to our place but she doesn't want to. When I get it it brings me joy and highest spirit.

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Looking forward to hearing from you. We respect her feelings and we wouldn't insist on it but we simply worry about her. It is very pleasant for me, that you do not forget about me. He joins different parts of wooden furniture.

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My brother works in the furniture industry as a joiner. After his death granny's health worsened badly.

Isn't it amazing that two persons can talk to each other like this? He's sure we'll be close friends and we should trust each other because there's no real relationships without honesty and respect. It is very popular in Russia.

You know during this small period of correspondence as you have already understood you became a part of my life. Are you busy all day long?

You see I share all my dreams with you because I trust you. Due to it I have met such a nice person as you are. My heart is filled with emotions though it's difficult for me to express myself in english. Perhaps, it isn't always good. Especially when you dive into cold pond after this.