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Includes original cloth bag and non original aluminum tube. Although the cane is sound, the rod has been poorly re-finished and would benefit from polishing. Wrapped with green nylon tipped with yellow. The condition is excellent. Includes replacement cloth bag and replacement tube.

The rod has been refinished and is in very good condition. Includes original red cloth bag and labeled aluminum tube. Down-locking aluminum reel seat with detachable fighting butt. Good refinished condition. The reel seat is not straight.

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Includes original labeled cloth bag and aluminum tube. Silk medium brown thread wraps. Horrocks Ibbotson Horton Mfg.

The mid section lower guide is missing and both ferrule wraps are missing. The cane is sound and some guides have been re-wrapped. Translucent tan thread wraps with red tipping at guides.

Includes cloth bag and labeled aluminum tube. Removable butt cap has been lost and was replaced with a wooden plug. Ambered jasper silk thread wraps.

This was an option offered by a number of makers but is not often seen in surviving rods. If any company reflects the rise and fall of the British Empire it's the. Reserve butt power, loading and casting from mid and tip. Cigar grip with down-locking anodized aluminum reel seat.

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Red thread wraps with black trim. There are some scratches on the reel seat and the butt ferrule that look as if it was rubbed with fine steel wool. The wraps are burgundy tipped with red. The other tip ferrule has been re-seated with some minor damage at the top of the ferrule. This rod was restored by Denver Dave Collyer.

Excellent condition with exceptions noted. The reel seat is the patent. Includes original cloth bag and aluminum tube with cloth cover.

Excellent restored condition. Un-fished since restoration. Up-locking nickel silver hardware over wood insert reel seat with recessed hood. Agate stripper and tip tops.


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  1. Down-sliding nickel silver cap and ring cedar reel seat insert.
  2. Up-locking nickel silver reel seat.
  3. All sections are full length.
  4. It has a medium brown plastic no rock reel seat The rod featured the elliptical grip and had burnished gold wraps with black tipping.
  5. Cork insert reel seat with down sliding cap and ring.
  6. Butterscotch plastic down-locking reel seat with aluminum hardware.
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Ferrules have some bluing wear. The need to dry silk lines both during and after a fishing session led to some remarkable and some familiar innovations. The reel seat has a removable butt cap, dating cork no fighting butt included. Down-locking no rock aluminum reel seat. The rod has been refinished using gold thread.

Two prior owner's names are inscribed on the rod. Possibly made by Montague. Brown silk thread wraps with black tipping.

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West Slope Classic Fly Tackle - House of Hardy LTD

Very good condition with some minor damage at the base of the cork grip where it meets the reel seat. Constable of Bromley England. Rod had been refinished and scripting was overwritten. The wraps are silk burnished gold tipped with black.

Includes original cloth bag and aluminum tube. The black plastic insert reel seat is down-locking. Includes original bag and brass capped aluminum tube. Includes original cloth bag and replacement aluminum tube.

The hard-drawn nickel silver ferrules were crafted by the late Paul Hightower. The wrap extends between the two bottom guides. Although, the cane and ferrules are sound, the rod has been poorly over-varnished and one of the tip tops has been replaced. Two agatine guides and tip top.

Down-sliding nickel silver cap and ring over cork insert reel seat. Translucent brown thread wraps. There are a few minor varnish sags and chips in the finish.

Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat with recessed hood. Gold thread wraps with gold trim and full intermediates. Red silk thread wraps with black trim. Orange and black jasper silk wraps.

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Hardy reels represent the epitome of durable and classic fishing reels. John Shaner, the foremost Hardy tackle expert, demonstrates assembly and maintainence of the Hardy Perfect reels. As a parting shot, I include this page from Hardy's Catalogue, making reference to their Gold Medal. Manufacturer of fly fishing rods, lines and reels. You will be amazed at how the tips stop on these new rods.

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Original bag and labeled black rod tube. The lower guide on the mid section is missing. The rod has been re-finished. Down-locking aluminum hardware over black bakelite reel seat.


Includes bag and non original tube. Included are original bag and tube. Up-locking aluminum reel seat with butternut insert. Excellent condition with plastic on butt cork. There is a small hook ding on one of the tips.

  • Down-locking green and black anodized aluminum no rock reel seat.
  • Down-sliding cap and ring over butternut insert.
  • Walton made this rod for Klamath River fall steelhead.
  • The tung oil finished blanks have a matte finish.
  • Includes original labeled cloth bag.

Up-locking burgundy anodized reel seat. Includes original cloth bag. Aluminum gray no rock reel seat.

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