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Cinemagraphs accomplish that with minimalist yet lifelike closed-loop animations, which make the viewer feel as if she were peeking into an intimate, otherworldly scene. It's all side-splitting hilarious.

So instead, people rocked the eyeballs and dinosaurs. Allegedly unbeknownst to Compuserve at the time, the compression technique was patented in by Unisys. Think self-deprecating body image, drunken girl drama and financial insecurity. Soon after, they made the decision to quit working with still images entirely.

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And of course Family Guy couldn't stay mum, either. The file format has become a default brand of web humor, alongside impact-font memes and viral YouTube videos. You can move your mouse around the image to manipulate the scene. However, erik drost second love dating more isn't always better. But fashion wasn't always so receptive.