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Mystery Box Mechanical Gizmo. The Woodworker's Hygrometer will tell you at a glance in a most beautiful way. Frequently Asked Questions. Hawaiian Time Clock Plans. Take a look at my Horologium and you'll see that the hour wheel is actually a pulley run by the drive weight cord.

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There are other very efficient ways of transmitting power through the system without the use of involute gears. This is Elfino, an excellent introduction into the wonderful world of kinetic sculptures and a delight to watch. The World's Easiest Clock. How to Make a Wooden Bearing Pack. It is only when we have gears rapidly moving together that we actually need the perfect involute gears with close tolerances that we've all learned about in physics class.

Aloha Bob, it is nice to hear from you and I'm glad you enjoyed viewing my site. Elfino is a simple-to-build spring driven wall mounted sculpture with a long yet variable run time. Floating Wheel Clock Plans. By soaking the bearings overnight in mineral spirits and washing out the grease we've been able to double in some cases the run time of the Zinnia. Wood dowels are also not created equally.

Boyer says some wooden movement clocks that are years old are still in working order today. Genesis by Clockmaker Isaac Neuman demonstrating weights. The large tube is the weight tube that contains the mass that drives the clock. The purpose of the counterweight tube is only aesthetic, allowing the clock to look balanced, and to keep the wind cord from tangling. Is it necessary to have a full wind for successful long run time?

In the normal grandfather clock the fastest wheel only turns one revolution per minute. There are medieval metal clocks that are still operational with simple triangular shaped tooth forms.

Recommending that the wheels be balanced first allows me to specify in the Zinnia plans which arms are the best for the placement of the imbalancing weights. Evil Twin Mechanical Gizmo. Bird Of Paradise Clock Plans.

The Toucan is a wonderful, fun and easy to build clock. KwikPro turns the traditional cordless-tool format on its head. When the clock stops with the drive weight on the scale he can simply read the number of pounds of drive weight required off of the scale.

Boyer's Steampunk Impulse Engine. As complicated as the clocks may look, Boyer says that, if one has the necessary tools, video file splitter software then just about anyone can build clocks from his plans.

Rigid Heddle Tabletop Weaving Loom. This slow transmission of forces allows for some very forgiving tooth forms. For our light duty kinetic sculpture purposes the grease inside the bearings actually increases the internal friction and can cause shortened run times.

Stay tuned, as we have a couple more plans nearly ready for release on our website. Clocks run in only once direction. As the clock runs, the drive weight slowly lowers toward the floor.

Build your own wooden mechanical timekeeping masterpiece

Fujifilm launches megapixel medium format mirrorless monster. In a clock the transmission of force is extremely slow. Have you ever wondered how the ambient humidity is affecting your wooden clock or kinetic sculpture? With this procedure I am sure that I will find a nice round, straight, snug-fitting dowel that fits the hole correctly.

Wooden clocks, kinetic sculptures, celestial instruments and sawdust. Those pix really are worth viewing for some great ideas. Yale's voice-controlled security camera shines a light on intruders.

Wooden Clock Plans from Clayton Boyer

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The exact weight necessary to drive any clock is to be determined at the end of the build, and depends upon the craftsmanship that the builder has put into the clock. TrailStomper microtrailer might just be the lightest, sleekest off-road camping trailer out there. The gear ratio is maintained by the barrel diameters of the drive pulley and hour wheel. Celebration Rolling Ball Clock. We have also found that the Zinnia run time can be dramatically increased by eliminating the grease from the bearings.

Sci-fi futuristic vehicles from the movies at the Petersen Auto Museum. Zephyr Portable Spinning Wheel.

Build your own wooden mechanical timekeeping masterpiece

Note that all drill bits are not created equally. Puffer Model Steam Locomotive. Get the drill spinning and mark the center with a pencil - or find some other way to find the exact center of the dowel. Some of the teeth in the very early wooden clocks were created with hand tools and look as though some teeth were hacked into shape. Metric equivalents may be substituted.

Wooden Gear Clock Plans by Clayton Boyer

Wooden Gear Clock Plans by Clayton Boyer

Straight sided gear teeth are about as far from the perfect involute curve as you can get. Flying Pendulum Clock Plans. The planetary orrery is hand-cranked to show the relative positions of the first six planets nearest the sun with each crank equal to one Earth season.

Antibiotics found in world's rivers at levels up to times above safe levels. Planets Kinetic Sculpture Plans.

My grandfather is now reading your explanations and has a question about the weight that is needed for the copper weights. Clocks do not ever run in reverse.

Cooking oil-powered camping lamp outshines kerosene. The clocks use either a pendulum as the timekeeping element or can be wound up, whereas the combination calendar and orrery rely on a lever that is pulled daily to keep up to date. Harmonic Oscillator Clock.

Cell One grows organic microgreens and sprouts in your kitchen. The Genesis counterweight tube remains empty. Latest in Around The Home. However, I build my plans primarily for the beginner, and I must make sure that if my instructions are followed the chances of success are going to be good.