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Life has taught Prince Vereham al a'Karim bin Hakar to control his emotions. How the whispering of his name was enough to unleash within her an aching echo of the tumultuous teenage desires he had once aroused in her. He had never meant to blackmail her into bed!

The Wealthy Greek's Contract Wife. Could she exorcise her dreams of love?

Still, she shouldn't have assumed he'd want to marry her. It's evident he's still bitter about her choosing a career over marriage. She would have recognised him anywhere, just as she had done now merely from her brief glimpse of the back view of him as he walked into the ballroom and then turned to refuse a glass of champagne. After being humiliated by one rogue male, jayan hits mp3 songs Beth is not about to fall for any man's lies again. Saul Parenti has always been glad that he's second in line in the Arrezzian monarchy.

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He was only being friendly because she was Katie's mother. She certainly wasn't interested in the attractive and charming Daniel Forbes. She's break his self-control! She made no attempt to resist him as he took her in his arms, gathering her up against himself with gentle care.

Secretary Sara Browning has just discovered that relationships with the boss don't always work - especially when he's decided to marry someone else! To Love, Honor and Betray. Everyone in her office thinks Harriet is boss Matthew Cole's fiancee!

She had worked long and hard to garner clients for the station. She would not be told to marry anyone! London, the s, four girls realise that life doesn't always go according to plan.

Expecting The Playboy's Heir. Their marriage had gone up in flames Jake Harvey was every woman's secret type. He'd taught her how to kiss.

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After all, how could she respond to a man who was also a business rival? Nicknamed the Ice Queen, Giselle has a frosty demeanor and a cool beauty. How would he make her pay? Marriage to solid, dependable Henry would help her achieve this ambition, but first she had to meet his parents! Some scars wound too deeply to heal Amber's once lithe body had been crippled and disfigured by a horrible accident.

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And the easiest way to find a husband was to advertize in the newspaper! Susannah was a successful writer for Tomorrow magazine, but the new managing director - the dynamic Hazard Maine - made it clear that he thought she was cheating her way to the top. Helplessly Charley closed her eyes. She had weathered life's storms alone Tara had been only seventeen when she'd given herself to James.

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She felt slender and fragile, warm and softly woman-scented. An heir - by royal command! In fact she wished passionately that she might never have to see him again! The city girl and the country gentleman When elegant city girl Maggie Russell is caught in a flood, rugged Finn Gordon comes to her rescue.

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How can he be her husband? His honor left him no choice Sienna had been swept off her feet by the handsome, powerful Greek, Alexis Stefanides.

Could they ever be more than friends? Resist everything, apart from temptation! One who just might be playing a deceptive game?

What she didn't expect was to have to share the farmhouse with a total stranger! Sarah believed in love at first sight One enchanted evening at a masquerade ball Sarah French fell in love with a sapphire-eyed stranger. Italian count Marco di Vincenti feared for baby Angelina's safety. He had, though, ordered his pilot to have his private jet standing ready to fly him back to Mumbai where he had an important business meeting in the morning.

Surely only a fool believed that first love was an only love, and she prided herself on not being that. An Unforgettable story of broken dreams and new beginnings. But Gray made no secret of the fact that he resented her presence in his home and in his life. Self-made millionaire Bram Soames is a powerful, charismatic businessman.

Would they become lovers now? One Night With The Sheikh. He vowed to make her pay for it. At eighteen, Nicola had made a terrible mistake and eight years later is still punishing herself for her folly.

Kelly Harris feels out of her depth in the role of femme fatale. Still shamed by her teenage infatuation with Ranulf Carrington, Sylvie Bennett knew it was important that he understand they were now meeting on equal terms. The Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress.

The Sheikh's Virgin Bride. The past had taught her only too well the chaos that love could bring. Instead she's sweet and honest. But for a man add to the dark and dangerous side of sexual attraction isn't enough.

Sarah learned the bitter truth of those words when she discovered her brand-new marriage to Benedict de l'Isle was a joke, the result of a foolish masculine bet between Ben and his friend Dale. Kirsty's promising stage career had nearly been destroyed by a scathing review written by Britain's foremost drama critic, Drew Chalmers. Even her brothers said she needed to become more feminine. Five years ago, Lisa Hayward had fled her exotic island home of St.

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But did he know about love? Wary of love, she has no intention of marrying again.