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Not when she was so goodShe gathered them quickly

There was a small explosion and a short burst of falling glass as the streetlight went out. The envelope was addressed to her uncle, but she tore it open anyway. An orange glow flared briefly in the dark as Loyal lit his last cigarette of the night. She held the photograph to her chest.

He disappeared down the hallway and Jamie shut the door, wishing it had a deadbolt. Loyal tossed an empty pizza box on the floor and peeked at his hole cards, a bottle of Jack Daniels parked near his elbow. They pushed back from the table as Loyal walked around them, grabbed Lenny, and pushed him into the wall.

He was waiting, and because she knew that, she waited, too. She made a show of it, pushing the sleeves of her sweater up to her elbows and turning her palms up, then down. Jamie would have bet anything that Keating had been copied privately.

Her hands shook like

Boys like to dream about powerful things like that. She flipped the aces over. She expected him to drop Toby on the cot and leave, but he just stood there.

She turned away from the
Headlights careened across the wallsJilkins could appear on any

She gathered them quickly, shuffled them twice, and sent the hole cards flying. Headlights careened across the walls as a truck returned and rounded the corner. Not when she was so good at poker and not when other nineteen-year-olds were already playing the professional circuit. Jilkins could appear on any given day and demand an explanation for the smallest infraction. She turned away from the poster.

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Her hands shook like they did when she got scared. Toby snored loudly, but Jamie would be awake until the men left. Article continues after advertisement Toby belched and wiped his mouth, avoiding the welt that ran the length of his cheekbone. Footsteps thudded down the hallway, and Jamie thought about pushing her cot against the door.

The windowpane over her bed rattled in the wind, and she pulled a blanket around her shoulders. Loyal turned the lights out and sat on the couch, his shotgun across his lap. She picked up a pair of jeans and folded them, giving him a look that meant it was time for him to go. His knees buckled briefly and his eyes rolled skyward.