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Choose the buffet if you feel

Check out these places for the best buffet in Bangalore the next time you're looking for an all-you-can-eat meal. Whisk it a bit to ensure that they are both well mixed. Byblos Not too many Middle Eastern eateries exist in Bengaluru, but the few that do tend to be quite good and Byblos is no exception. Well-groomed servers quietly swish past you graciously serving the most delicate and dainty morsels like dhoklas, kachoris and chaats.

As the mustard seeds begin to pop, pour this mix on top of the prepared dhoklas. Mix these ingredients well.

Their mains are even more delicious and you can order the various shawarmas or platters that you can share. The ambience of a colonial style Kerala Cottage adds to the dining experience.

Feast on luscious pieces of JhingaOpen daily for breakfastNow add chopped coriander

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Well, this is the place for you then. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion with your family or hang out with your friends, we have you covered. Our server will save the information and you will be immediately verified. Dine indoors or alfresco, the ambience is special and the added bonus is attentive staff that complete the luxurious experience.

You can choose to add chopped green chilies instead. The banana leaf thali is most popular but you can order a la carte as well. You have to enter your valid email address, phone number, name, date of birth and few other basic details and submit the details. The mixture will also leave the container from the sides, indicating that it has cooked. Try the myriad variety of authentic chaats, delicious Chinese and a winning combination of North and South Indian food.

On the other hand, Grease the tray or plate in which you wish to steam the Dhoklas. The floral theme is carried throughout, from the salad bar to the dessert bar. The freshness of the seafood and ingredients will have you coming back for more. Nidhi We are professionals. Karavalli An iconic restaurant situated in a property managed by Taj and highly acclaimed for serving traditional west coast seafood specialities all the way from Goa to Kerala.

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Feast on luscious pieces of Jhinga Lal mirch along with Khasta rotis and the fragrant Murgh Jafrani biryani. This is in order to steam the Dhokla. Choose the buffet if you feel you can do justice or go with the Ala carte option if you just want a few small eats.

Start your meal with a drink in golden goblets and enjoy freshly made starters like the Dahi Ke Kebab and Karela Salad. They have made sure that you can enjoy these international cuisines at any of their locations. Make sure that the utensil is not too deep, as the Rava dhokla may not cook deep through a thick layer of batter. Let it cool, then cut, de-mould and serve.

Open daily for breakfast and dinner buffet and the fabulous Sunday brunch. Now add chopped coriander to the mix and whisk it well. If it seems runny, add some more Rava sooji to it. Reliability and Honesty at its best.

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