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It has the ability to do miraculous things with a fantastic weapon and zippy speed. Overall Well for one reason or other I ended up playing a lot less World of Tanks in January than I have done in the last few months. If you get caught out of position in the open you're dead meat. Reading this back it sounds like I have digressed more to a rant, werewolf dating but the tank is fantastically fun to play given you can cope with the eccentricities.

All in all this might mean too many hunters going after too few prey. Sources and External Links. The obvious first choice will be the Hellcat, am i pathetic but I am sure there will be others. Sometimes I just want to put the controller down when I see the teams but never do.

BDR G1 B review characteristics comparison

  1. My team has the northern starting position.
  2. The special this weekend is reliably solid, but not earth-shattering.
  3. Cannon fodder is what I think of it.

The cupola would also be fitted with an optical telemetric rangefinder. Why should anyone try to get this? In particular I had hoped to finally get around to isolating one day in the mid-week to devote to something other than World of Tanks, but it was overtaken by events. Definitely will give this one a try still. In a mock-up was made, however due to the military defeat of France, the work on it was stopped.

Calibrated shells for going through E cheeks are recommended as you spray dpm from a strong turret. The loader's skill may be dropped in favor of Safe Stowage or Adrenaline Rush. Aside from grinding credits, it will be even more useful for training crews for French high tier medium tanks. If I'm the top-ranked tank, it makes me nervous.

The hull was to be completely sealed against chemical weapons, and a radio was required. My gut feeling is that it should be a German crew, probably a German heavy crew, but we shall see how matters progress. For all intensive purposes besides a bit of camo it is a medium tank. The turret, while noticeably less red, can still pull off bounces.

  • Char G At the same time, debate was raging about the future use of the tank in the Infanterie.
  • The tank is nerfed, but the qualities that made the still exist, it just takes some brilliant driving.
  • Is it as bad as some people say it is?
  • Indeed, it takes two further shots to take him out, but down he goes.

Matchmaking why am I always the bottom tier

How is the BDR G1B - Heavy Tanks - World of Tanks official forum

Reasonable good mobility and good armour too. When everyone else is running around with increased armor you will often struggle to hit their weak spots or pen them. This is pretty much how I would rank them.


The tank is in dire need of a buff because its niche is solely to bully mediums and heaviums. Others contended that only heavy tanks should be built. Sure you can bounce a shot or two, but every tank gets a few bounces.

French tanks - World of Tanks Game Guide

That is the problem with the Valentine, low penetration. In general they called for a tank that was powerfully armed, immune to standard anti-tank guns and possessed excellent tactical and strategic mobility. Rarely will you get a same tier matchup in those.

Straight Outta Supertest Renault G1

What happens when you leverage all your strengths into offensive firepower? The large cupola above the turret becomes a weakspot that attracts enemy fire and thus, makes hull-down positioning, face-hugging, and hilly terrain potentially dangerous. The engine was to be able to be both electrically and manually started, while the tracks were to be fully accessible.

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No reason to hire new crew unless previous tank is one you want to keep. Certainly one I will be taking advantage of to boost my credits however. Despite its short length, the gun would have good armor penetration using Brandt tungsten armor piercing sub-caliber ammunition.

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WOTINFO - Weak points of BDR G1 B

Also the tracks are your biggest literally asset- use it as a damage sponge. Stick with it man, your first tank lines at low tiers are the worst. Well for one reason or other I ended up playing a lot less World of Tanks in January than I have done in the last few months. This tank can be the most dangerous tank on the field, but it needs a very skilled driver.

Even though one realizes on Accuracy, and other High alpha. Where do you think the will fit in? It was also never cool to begin with. Nevertheless I have managed to have fun, which is the chief object of the exercise. It's funny, I rather enjoy being bottom tier.

Matchmaking, why am I always the bottom tier? And as far as your unlucky matchmaking goes, it's down the luck of the draw sometimes. It will get medium weight matchmaking, though.

Weak points of BDR G1 B

The end of March will also mark my second anniversary in World of Tanks, which I am looking forward to. However some of the light tanks you're playing, the Luchs for example, are actually scout tanks. It really is a fun tank for medium-close range city flanking.

All in the same day, back an forth, so it's all the same people in the queue. Although I have now reached the post overlooking the enemy base, online dating wtf I choose turn around. Exactly how good it turns out to be depends on the how many people play the tanks involved in the offer to make the mission worthwhile.

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