Are mr and mrs fresh still dating

Are mr and mrs fresh still dating

For me, debt was limiting my options because it required a certain income to cover the principal and interest. Again, all good things, but the competing priorities lengthened our payoff timeline a bit. It was an incredible sense of freedom. Then, as we learned more about investing and compounding interest, we dedicated more money towards investing so that we could boost savings and retirement accounts.

When we made the decision to start paying off our debt, we were still dating. Paying off debt was a huge relief.

This is a two part question for us. Adventure Rich and we moved towards marriage, I suddenly had a whole slew of reasons to save and goals to achieve.

For me debt was limiting myAgain all good things butIt was an incredible sense

Is Mr and Mrs Fresh married

We challenged ourselves to eat at home more, make our own lunches, drink less or invite friends over to drink at home vs. It was incredibly impactful to have a common goal that we were both working towards throughout our relationship. It was a big part of our relationship from the get go and it helped to lay the foundation for a collaborative marriage where we are mutually working to achieve goals and pursue our passions. It is odd looking back, but it was not an awkward or hard conversation.

Finding ways to spend less so that we could dedicate more to our debt was a big factor for us. We made some quick money by selling or flipping things on Craigslist and eBay. And while becoming debt free was a huge milestone, we value the journey we went on in order to pay off the debt as well. Some of his calculators were helpful. We focused on quick wins first.